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1 month free Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

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Please help! Can I please know if what's wrong with this link for 1 month free Xbox Live Gold Subscription?

I tried adding a Paypal account for the payment option however I can't still take advantage of this promotion/offer. :(


Thank you! :)


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    Aaaah, sorry to hear it.  Some promotions like that are only available when an account is being created.  If you create a new account over a new console for example, there's a trial month that way!

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    If your paypal is not linked to either your bank or a credit card then it will not work for the free month.

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    I have my bank account linked to my Paypal account. It says the promotion is no longer available. :(

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    Thank you so much for clarifying this promotion for 1 month free Xbox Live Gold Subscription folks. I really appreciate it. ^_^

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    Ok :)