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1 Game Download 2 Consoles

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Is it alright to buy and download a game on 1 of my xbox's, then copy that game over to my other xbox allowing for me and my brother to play online at the same time with the one purchase? Is this allowed or can you get banned for doing this? Thanks.

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    And the last Meheecan: The final word (you can do it with friends/separate homes ect):

    You are now chatting with 'Janeen H'.

    Janeen H: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Janeen H. Please give me a moment to review your question.

    Mike: Okay, so I learned from the xbox chat/xbox forums that it is allowed to buy a game from the xbox marketplace and download it to one of my consoles (console A). THEN, copy or re-download that same game onto another one of my consoles (console B). I would then play with my profile (the game owner profile) on console B. And my brother would sign in on console A and play the same game at the same time with me online on the other console already. 1 purchase, 2 consoles, same time. Note that both consoles are within the same home. I have been assured that this is within the rules and that I cannot get banned (2 out of 3 of the Microsoft members I chatted with actually do the same thing). Now, I would like to take my understanding on this matter as far as possible. Would I be allowed to go to someones house and buy/download a game for the first time on their console. They would be able to play the game with any profile there in full on that xbox. I am then limited to only be allowed to play that game from my own profile (the game owner profile) if I am signed in "xbox live" on any other console, so long as the game has been downloaded or copied onto a HDD or usb connected to that xbox 360. So I would still be able to play back at my house. My question is, does it have to be within the same home to be "allowed". Or can this be done witha friend or a brother that lives ina seperate home. In fact, here is a forum that shows all this info I learned: If you look at the chat I had with Robin, I just noticed that she actually said that she does this with here friend. So, yeah, is this allowed...

    Mike: Please take your time, I am trying to keep this chat short.

    Janeen H: Thanks.  It will take a few minutes to read, if you don't mind.

    Mike: no prob, to be expected XD

    Janeen H: Thank you :)

    Janeen H: Yes, it's fine.   You will not get banned.

    Mike: Ohhh, that was easy XD

    Mike: lol

    Janeen H: Haha I just had to re-read it and make sure I understood.  You will be fine.

    Mike: cool, one more thing

    Janeen H: Sure!

    Mike: so i can lend my console (console A) with all the game licenses to one of my friends or brothers ect, so they can play all my games. And I can play back home on my other console (console B), with my profile (the owner profile).

    Mike: at separate homes

    Mike: and I would have to be signed into xbox live back at home obviously

    Janeen H: You have 2 licenses per game.  They can be used at the same time.

    Janeen H: Does that answer it?

    Mike: that was a yes right

    Janeen H: Great!  Is there anything else for you?

    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

    Mike: nope that's it. thanks.

    Janeen H: Any time Mike!

    Mike: bye,

    Janeen H: If that was everything, I'd like to thank you again for contacting Xbox Customer Support. To properly end the chat session, please click on the button above the avatar photo on the upper right hand corner near the top of the chat window.  Have a wonderful rest of your day!

    Janeen H: Bye!

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    Here are the terms of use:

    The item you are buying is subject to usage restrictions. You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console that you download it with. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console. If you transfer the item using a memory unit or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on other Xbox 360 consoles, but you'll need to sign in to Xbox LIVE with your Xbox LIVE account on that console before accessing the item.

    This transaction is subject to the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use: You will be charged at this time. No Refunds.

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    People, I went back to chat for a second opinion and things were made unclear. I will update later.

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    Hi there Wheaten,

    So there's a lot happening in this thread and I'm trying to keep everything straight.

    So here's the information I believe you're asking for:

    • Gamertag A (you) purchases and downloads a game from Xbox Live onto Console A
      • Every Gamertag that plays on Console A can now play that game.

    • Gamertag A downloads the now purchased game onto Console B-Z
      • Gamertag A can now play this game on consoles B-Z. 
      • Other Gamertags can play this game on consoles B-Z as long as Gamertag A is logged in on that console.

    So to do what it sounds like you're wanting to do, you would purchase the game on your console, download it onto your brother's console as well, then You play using your profile on your brother's console and He plays using his profile on your console.

    This is legal and you won't get banned for it. 

    If you're asking about a disc and trying to install the disc on one console and then use the disc on different consoles to play, that is not possible. The install version of a game still requires the disc to play.

    Please let us know if that answers your question or if you have further support needs.

    @SWAGAVE - Please go ahead and create a new thread explaining your issue so that we can provide you with individual support.

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    Okay people here is what left me confussed:

    You are now chatting with 'Noemie'.

    Mike: Hi, I'd like a second opinion on a matter. And I have a few different questions on the subject aswell. May I know your status as a Microsoft employee?

    Noemie: Hi! My name is Noemie from Xbox Customer Support.

    Noemie: Hello Mike.

    Mike: Hi

    Noemie: I am a regular xbox support.

    Noemie: How can I help?

    Mike: okay, good enough ;)

    Mike: here is the issue:

    Mike: Can you read that over and look at the comments, then give my your view on it? Thanks.

    Noemie: Sure,  please give me a moment to do so.

    Mike: I linked page 2, can you start at page 1 please

    Mike: take your time

    Noemie: Okay, where's page one? Is that a different link?

    Mike: norush


    Mike: there, that's page 1

    Noemie: Thanks Mike! I'll be right back.

    Mike: k

    Mike: I hope it's alright that i posted that chat in the forums. If it's not I am sure you can get someone to delete the entire forum. It's just that I asked that question in the forum before I chatted with Microsoft here. Then after the chat I had someone telling me that it was not allowed what I was proposing. So I wanted to show him why I now thought that it was allowed...

    Noemie: Thanks for the wait Mike, I have read through the conversion you had with Robin. Just to make sure I understand  it correctly you are inquiring  about getting a game in your console and if you can share it with your brother on a different console, correct?

    Mike: playing 1 purchase on 2 different consoles online at the same time, yes

    Noemie: For games, this is how it works. Each games has its copy right and licenses. Once you bought a game  under once console, you can use that game anytime  using the particular console, and all the other profiles on that console can access and play the game. But it cannot  be played on a different console at the same time. Should you wish to play the game in a different console, you will have to do the license transfer to get the game be played on a different console. But it is not ever allowed to be played on 2 different consoles at the same time.

    Mike: So your saying Robin was wrong...?

    Noemie: Yes I do. And I apologize for the wrong information.

    Mike: -_________________________________________________-

    Noemie: There might be a mis-understanding on this.

    Mike: but it actually works, from the small test I did

    Mike: why would this be possible

    Noemie: I would not suggest to do that and continue to do so, once it is detected by the live department, you will be banned for violating Microsoft live terms of use and code of conduct.

    Mike: -_____-

    Mike: I did it once, could I get banned for that one time?

    Noemie: No worries about that.

    Noemie: I noted that you are not aware about it yet and was mis-informed.

    Noemie: Just make sure not to do it again.

    Mike: So sad face

    Mike: i was hoping to avoid buying 2-4 of the same game for my cheap *** brothers ever again

    Noemie: I know and understand how you feel.

    Mike: no u don't, read the above

    Mike: lol

    Noemie: I know you want to save.

    Noemie: But this is how it works with games and  each games has to be purchased by a gamer.

    Noemie: It cannot be shared on 2 consoles. Only  with in 1 console.

    Noemie: It is a a must and a policy, that's how business works, you know.

    Mike: I just recently started buying games online here. So honestly it may get pretty hectic, because I play on multiple consoles?

    Mike: I have disk too, but...

    Noemie: If that is the case, you will have to do license transfer, that can only be done once every 3 months.

    Mike: I dunno

    Mike: I just did one yesterday

    Mike: But I mean, there will be a senario where I want to play on a different xbox while my brother plays on mine, what if he accidentally selects game off hdd

    Mike: i prefer to play on certain tv's for certain games

    Noemie: What do you mean?

    Noemie: If your brothers are using your console to play game, that would be fine.

    Mike: so yeah, what if he accidentally selects a game of hdd instead of using a disk

    Mike: on my console

    Mike: while I am playing on another one of my consoles

    Noemie: Well, don't you want him to play your games in your hard drive?

    Mike: lololololololol

    Noemie: He just have to sign in to his account and play the games on the console / hard drive or disk is fine.

    Mike: we have lost each other

    Mike: okay hold on

    Noemie: Are you a new xbox user? If you  don't mind me asking.

    Mike: I need to "try" and explain this clearly

    Mike: no I am far from new

    Mike: I have 3 brothers, But only 1 left at the house.

    Mike: So, 1 sec

    Mike: We currently have 2 xbox 360 consoles, both are mine.

    Mike: I purchase and download a games onto console A.

    Mike: I copy those game downloads onto a usb stick and take over to my other xbox Console B

    Mike: I am playing on Console B. While my brother Signs in on console A and plays too.

    Mike: we can both be on at the same time with 1 purchase

    Mike: I sent both xbox 360's to MW2 xbox live menu to check, at the same time

    Mike: didn't start up a game though

    Mike: We have 2 copies of alot of disks currently, but your saying he would not be allowed to play game off of hdd

    Noemie: I really don't think that's possible, it should pop up and ask you to transfer license but let me double check on that just to make sure.

    Mike: well we didn't start a game, but we were both signed into xbox live and in game xbox live menu

    Noemie: Here's what I have here Mike, once you  bought a game in console A and downloaded the game  under your profile, all the profile can play the  game on  console A. Now once you donwload your profile on console B as well, and  downloaded the game on console B under your profile.  your brothers can also play the game under console B>

    Noemie: However,  for that to work, your profile should stay  online all the time either one of the consoles.

    Noemie: In other words, your account should stay online always.

    Mike: I have my profile on multiple hard drives already, and can put them on usb sticks too?

    Mike: I don't download my profile, I just sign in

    Noemie: For having it transferred to Usb your brothers will only get the trial game.

    Mike: No, I play with my profile on the other console (console B). Then the original console is just sitting there, ready to work properly with my games for any profile that uses it...

    Noemie: And  your profile is always online, correct?

    Mike: umm... I don't get why your asking that?

    Mike: I dunno, we were both online on different profiles

    Noemie: Because  your brothers can only play online the full version of the game if your profile is online on either of the consoles.

    Mike: Can anyone profile play online on the original console?

    Noemie: Yes.

    Mike: with the downloaded game

    Mike: k

    Noemie: Yes Mike.

    Mike: And to make this very understandable, does that change id I am currently playing the game online at a friends house?

    Mike: would my brother be able to sign in on the console and play the same game online

    Mike: mind you this is not what I am trying to do here

    Mike: *id =*if

    Mike: it is whithin the same home

    Noemie: The information above is the only way  for you and your brothers to play on line.

    Noemie: That is by keeping your profile online all the time and downloading your profile on both console and downloading the game on both consoles too.

    Mike: well copying the game onto one, yeah

    Mike: I don't know why your saying keeping my profile online all the time

    Noemie: Copying the game will let your brothers play online the trial version only.

    Mike: okay, we are lost here

    Noemie: You can keep your profile online  on any of the consoles for your brothers to be able to play online too.

    Noemie: Copying the game will  NOT let your brothers play online the trial version only.

    Noemie: Sorry, I miss to type the word No.

    Mike: I think what I need to do is finish this chat for now, test what is actually possible and come back to chat later. I am downloading two games right now so that is going to take a good few hours.

    Mike: but, i dunno

    Mike: would that be alright?

    Noemie: Yes Mike.

    Noemie: Please feel free to contact us anytime.

    Mike: I don't even know if that makes any sense

    Noemie: I have all the details noted in here.

    Noemie: In case, the nest representative will be able to read our conversation.

    Mike: what are you saying is possible, and what's not exactly

    Mike: yeah

    Mike: so if i am online on another console besides the original

    Noemie: I'm confused.

    Mike: r u saying that my brother at home would only be able too play the trial version on the original console whilst I am online on another console

    Noemie: I am saying that your brothers can play your games on a different console as long as you are online. " your profile should be kept online"

    Noemie: Because if not, your brothers will only be able to play the trial version of the game.

    Noemie: When I say you profile to be "online" that means online on either of the consoles. A or B.

    Mike: my brother would be playing on the original console, console A, the console the content was downloaded on?

    Noemie: They can play on    either console A or B.

    Mike: lol

    Noemie: As long as you have downloaded your profile and the game it self on console A and B.

    Noemie: Is there anything else I can answer for you aside from this?

    Mike: but in no case would they even have to play a trial game on the console in which the content was downloaded onto correct?

    Mike: *ever, not even

    Noemie: No, they will be able to play the full game version, " not the trial" as long as your profile is online when they play.

    Mike: neways, we are not understanding each other fully, but by what your saying we could both be online at the same time same game

    Mike: and are you saying this is not allowed still?

    Noemie: Yes, that is if you have downloaded your profile  and the game on both consoles.

    Mike: and allowed?

    Noemie: Is it possible for me to speak with you over the phone Mike?

    Mike: it's possible, but I don't see what good that would do

    Mike: i don't like talking on the phone neways

    Noemie: Alright, I just thought it would be easier to explain this all over  via phone.

    Mike: but hey

    Mike: you never said if it's allowed lol

    Noemie: But any ways. that's how it works Mike, you and your brothers  can only play online if you have downloaded   your profile and the game on both consoles and  you keep your profile online while they play.

    Noemie: Or better yet, you buy your own  games and let your brothers get their own games as well.

    Noemie: That's less hassle.

    Mike: lol, so it's allowed

    Mike: i think...

    Noemie: Just follow the steps I told you.

    Mike: i am going to head out

    Noemie: Will there be anything else?

    Mike: no, but do I have permission to test this out today

    Noemie: Thanks for your time and go right ahead and try it Mike.

    Mike: okay, thanks alot

    Noemie: I appreciate your time working with me today, you have a good one!

    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

    Mike: bye

    Noemie: Bye bye Mike!

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    And this is what set me straight: Very Painfully, and Finally Happily (meaning it's allowed).

    You are now chatting with 'Johann'.

    Johann: Hi! My name is Johann from Xbox Customer Support. Please give me a moment to review the information you provided.

    Mike: Can you view the last chat I had with Noemie? Because we ended the chat in an unanswered state. It will take you a while to look it over, along with the links within the chat.

    Johann: Hi there Mike! How can I help?

    Mike: is this alright? can you see recent chats?

    Johann: Yes. I'm currently reviewing it now. Would that be okay if you can give me a brief description of your issue?

    Mike: yep, and I have an update from where I left off too

    Mike: one sec

    Johann: Sure thing. Take your time buddy.

    Mike: I am wanting to know if it is alright to play 1 game purchase on 2 different consoles at the same time online

    Mike: downloaded from the marketplace

    Mike: please try and understand the recent chat the best you can before we continue here

    Johann: I see. Just to confirm, you want to play a game downloaded from marketplace and let the other user play it on a different console. Is that correct?

    Mike: in a very limited way, yes

    Mike: The update was that I can confirm that it is possible to play the one purchase on two different consoles online at once with different profiles.

    Mike: I have 2 consoles currently. Lets call console A the console in which the content was purchased on. Console B is just my spare console (multiple HDD/usb's). I can sign into console B and loadup a game with the profile the content is linked to and play online. My brother can then go on console A and play that same game online with his own profile.

    Mike: at the same time

    Mike: playing together, 1 purchase

    Johann: I see. For this, like Noemie said from your previous contact with us, it needs a license transfer to the other console as each content that we purchased on marketplace has a license that is only attached to our account or gamertag that was used to purchase the game. Now here's the thing, let's say you purchased the game using your own gamertag on console A, both you and the other user can play the same game on the same console but only your profile can play the same game on console B. So basically, the other user needs the game to be on the console that was used to purchased the game as it has your profile and the license attached to the game.

    Mike: I have been told that this is okay by one Microsoft member and that I will not get banned. Noemie on the other hand kinda said it's not allowed and that I could get banned. Then when I explained myself better we started confussing each other

    Mike: as to your text, yes, that is correct

    Johann: So if you transfer the license to console B, then your brother can only play the game on console B.

    Mike: and it works

    Mike: ohh, no forget that

    Mike: all the game licenses are on my one console now

    Mike: the other has no licenses for any games

    Mike: which is why only the my profile can load the game on that console, yes

    Mike: but the thing is, is this allowed

    Johann: Great! That is also what I am doing at home. I have 2 consoles at home as well, and I let my crazy little brother play the same game on the licensed console while I am playing on it on the other console since I don't need the license as I am the one who purchased the game.

    Mike: so if you do, i can do it lol

    Johann: Yes that is allowed. No account will be banned. That is a guarantee. :)

    Mike: now let me go a little bit further with this for a sec

    Mike: one sec

    Johann: No problem buddy.

    Mike: lets say i go to a friends house and play a game. Is my brother still allowed to play off my console at the same time same game

    Mike: both of us still using the one purchase

    Mike: same thing, just at a friends house now

    Mike: I am not planning on doing this but I would just like to know if it is considered the same thing

    Johann: Yes but only online gaming. Not offline/.

    Mike: online for me at my friends house, yes

    Mike: i know

    Mike: and this is also allowed yes

    Mike: ohh, u already said yes

    Mike: k

    Johann: To summarized it, as long as the gamertag who purchased the game is downloaded on any console and the game is already downloaded by your gamertag as well, other gamertags that is on that console can play the game online.

    Mike: yeah

    Mike: Now lets cut to the chase. The content was only purchased once. So isn't that against the rules some how. Meaning a purchased game is only suppose to be running once at a time.

    Mike: trust me, i am the last person to want that to be the case

    Mike: but by the sounds of it, it's just an approved loophole

    Mike: which is great

    Mike: but, I'll just get your final confirmation

    Johann: Yes that is correct. Some consoles especially with the new updates will prompt an error to other gamertag who did not purchased the game. It means that they don't have the license. However, based on my experience until now, me and my little brother can play the game on both consoles. So as long as my little brother's gamertag can play, then we can both sit and relax and enjoy the game without him disturbing me. :)

    Mike: really? You cannot do this with newer consoles?

    Mike: I have all old models

    Johann: I'm still not sure as the latest updates just came today. But if that is what it will be asking, then I guess I'll let my mom buy my little bro a separate game.

    Johann: I just downloaded the latest Xbox live 2013 update and so far I haven't tried it with his gamertag as I was going for work.

    Mike: ya, I have doubles (at least) of all games except for 2.

    Johann: I see. No worries Mike. The important thing is that you and your brother's account will not be banned.

    Mike: so microsoft is really going to make the games downloaded onto a console only available to the profile that purchased?

    Mike: even on the original console

    Mike: and have already done so on newer consoles?

    Johann: Yes. But not on the original console that purchased the content.

    Johann: Yes. But not on the original console that purchased the content.

    Mike: so no????

    Mike: not yes?

    Johann: I'm sorry for the confusion Mike. What do you mean?

    Mike: one sec

    Johann: I'm saying that other gamertags can only play the game that they did not purchased if they are on the console that has the license of the game and the gamertag that purchased it is on that console as well.

    Mike: In what case would the owner gamertag no be "on" the console?

    Mike: that would never be an issue no?

    Mike: you can download gamertags

    Mike: onto devices, Hdd/usb ect

    Mike: and yes, we know and are in agreement about any gamertag being able to play a game in full on the console the games have been licensed to

    Johann: Yes you are correct. As long as the owner "gamertag" is on the console that has the license, other gamertags can play the game.

    Mike: so that whole error thing you were talking about was null in void

    Mike: after a certain update

    Mike: and on newer xbox 360"s

    Mike: right? lol

    Johann: Yes. But to be honest, I haven't seen it yet on older consoles.

    Mike: seen what lol

    Mike: an update

    Johann: I mean I haven't seen it yet on other console's that has the new updates that requires other gamertags to have the license of the game before they can play.

    Mike: ohh, so on newer consoles that is the case. Only the main profile can play the game period O_o, even on the console game was purchased on, the console that has license?

    Mike: are you speaking from experience because you got a newer xbox and it didn't work for other profiles?

    Mike: or because something else

    Mike: because if it's from experience maybe you didn't transfer the licenses to your new console and THEN you have to redownload the game to get full license for it

    Johann: On newer consoles that already updated, the gamertags the did not purchased the game can still play it as long as they are on the consoles that has the licensed together with the "owner gamertag".

    Johann: I'm pretty sure that is the same thing on older consoles that will get the new update.

    Mike: but you can completely transfer game licenses from console to console

    Mike: once every 4 months

    Johann: Yes. Correct. once every 4 months.

    Johann: Or once every 120 days.

    Mike: you can transfer all of your game licenses to a new console, I don't see why once that license transfer has been made that all profiles would not be able to play the game on that new console

    Mike: that is kindof what you are say, your saying that only the owner profile woulicense transferring, then redownloading the gameld be able to play on that console after

    Mike: *would be able to play the game after license transferring...

    Mike: because of some sort of new update?

    Johann: When you do a license transfer, let's say to console B. Then all other gamertags can only play the game on console B.

    Mike: what if console B was a newer model xbox

    Mike: it's not by the way

    Johann: They can still play on it. I just tried it now on our office. I played a game on a new console that has already updated that my friend here purchased the game, and still I can play it. :)

    Mike: so what you were saying was wrong with a capital W right?

    Mike: lol

    Mike: about this certain thing

    Mike: just say yes please lol

    Mike: wait, it has to be yes,

    Mike: because of your test

    Johann: Yes. :) I am certain I can still play  the game on a newer console that has the license on a game that I did not purchased.

    Johann: Yes.

    Mike: okay good

    Mike: then that is all then

    Mike: so we know that this can all be done with regular games

    Johann: No problem bro. I just tested it for you to make sure that we are on the same page.

    Mike: what about minecraft

    Mike: it should work just the same right

    Mike: if you don't know that fine

    Mike: minecraft, generally speaking arcade type games

    Johann: Correct as well. Actually the game that I just played was minecraft and black ops 2.

    Mike: ohh, nice Black ops 2 thumbs down, heck thumbs down for minecraft too heheh

    Mike: MW2/GOW2

    Mike: neways

    Mike: thanks alot

    Mike: let me just email this to myself

    Johann: Always welcome here bro.

    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

    Mike: and would it be alright if maybe I posted some of this chat in forums, or would you not want that

    Mike: possibly

    Johann: That's fine with me. All info here is valid. :)

    Mike: cool

    Mike: peace

    Johann: On to gaming!!

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    Ohh, I didn't see your post there Mister Fizzle. I have everything sorted now.

    But @Mister Fizzle

    When you say: "Other Gamertags can play this game on consoles B-Z as long as Gamertag A is logged in on that console."

    I suppose you are talking about split screen, that is the only way I see that comment making any sense. Unless you say you are talking about split screen that comment kinda sounds like a contradiction or at the very least a curve ball in ones understanding.

    And Wheatenbody or whatever the heck t it's called was just a randomly generated name for a quick free account I made with a backup email. I am NinjaChang and I have come to save you all XD

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    And a quick note to tha people: This happened to both of my consoles for some reason the otherday: Both Consoles got stuck loading the dashboard. Here is the fix:

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     That is correct in regards to "Other Gamertags can play this game on consoles B-Z as long as Gamertag A is logged in on that console.". On consoles B-Z any other profile can play the game as long as Gamertag A is logged in, but cannot play it if Gamertag A is not logged in because the license on Consoles B-Z are linked to Gamertag A.  There are no legal issues with that. Your original post is what caused a lot of confusion.  The way it was phrased made it sound like you were purchasing the game on Console A with Gamertag A then you would copy the game to Console B while you played on Console A as as Gamertag B and you gave up your credentials so someone else could play it on Console B.  The whole process still seems a little sketchy especially with 3 different support people giving what seems like 3 different answers.  I would just hate to see a console ban happen because of something like but the example the Mr. Fizzle gave is a legit case and if that is all you are doing then there should be no issues.  You just see a lot of console bans because of Unauthorized account recovery,  or usage; Unauthorized purchases/redemptions on an account; and Attempts to commit fraud.  Would just hate to see you get banned but better safe than sorry and glad Mr. Fizzle gave some clarification.

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    I am not going to try and really understand your post right now, but from a quick look it seems as though you are thinking that I was talking about split screen this whole forum just because you misunderstood Fizzle's comment, IN WHICH I actually explained what he meant above too. So NO NO NO, that is not the case.

    We really are talking about the same game purchase on separate consoles at the same time online. And that is what is allowed as everyone (including Fizzle) is explaining. 2 xboxes 1 purchase, I am not going to get into detail because all the detail is above. You are twisting the above information and are confused.

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    Mister Fizzle also said this:

    "So to do what it sounds like you're wanting to do, you would purchase the game on your console, download it onto your brother's console as well, then You play using your profile on your brother's console and He plays using his profile on your console.

    This is legal and you won't get banned for it."

    That is what we are talking about.

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    Sorry, it's not that you are twisting things; you are just overlooking all of the information presented to you due to one comment (the only comment in which was unclear).

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    I completely understand what your intent is now but it also seemed like you were trying to figure out what you could and couldn't do since one of your brothers live with you and the other two don't and you were purchasing 4 copies of a game sometimes. As long as you keep the ToU in mind you should be fine.

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    Customer Service Is Not a Department... It's an Attitude!

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    When you say giving your credentials to someone else to play on Console B, whaaat... Only the owner profile can play on a xbox other than the console that has license.

    And I just did a test for a random thing, I put a game onto a usb and downloaded xbox updates. No other device connected. With no profile on the device at all, I selected the game and it worked (obviously offline). I then downloaded a NON owner profile onto the usb and the game loaded fine and online worked. So the owner profile does not even need to be on the console anymore to be able to play the games. But neways... blaaahh...

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    Ohh, I see what you mean in how you were confused by how my question was phrased. But if that was the case right from the beginning, then you should have said yes this is possible, and told me that the owner profile had to play on console B !!?? Done. 

    Both of us playing online from 2 different xbox 360's, same game purchase. Simple.