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Bought Premium Battlefield 3 from Xbox Live marketplace

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So I have premium, but no maps. Only when I got in game did it tell me i should of bought it from there instead of Xbox marketplace. How was I supposed to work that out? now I have spent 4000 Mp on nothing.

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  • Yes, that's what I'm trying to tell you, if you have purchase Premium you need to download the Multiplayer Update #3, and 4. Once you download both of those (they are free) and restart Battlefield 3 you will get a message letting you know that you have unlocked Back to Karkand and Close Quarters.

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    Hi, am I right in thinking you purchased the maps from the marketplace and then discovered you could have got them for free or at a discount from inside the game using the premium membership?


    As a general rule there are no refunds for anything purchased from the marketplace, however I would suggest you contact support in your region, explain exactly what you did and who knows you may get the points refunded, no guarantee on that though but it's worth a call.


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    Hi StainedSalmon,

    When you click this link here do you see:

    If you do then that means that you should have access to all of the Battlefield 3 content (as it becomes available) currently, you should have access to Back to Karkand and Close Quarters. On September 11th you should have access to Armored Kill.

    If you do see this on your download history page, please try and click "Add to Queue" and then turn on your XBOX 360 and try to see if this re-downloads the premium information for the game and then start up Battlefield 3 and see if this prompts you for the map pack updates for Battlefield 3. The console would be prompting you to purchase each individual map pack but you are not supposed to do that, this content should automatically be available as a prompt right as you start the game. For this specific update it should be "Battlefield 3™ Multiplayer Update 4". It shouldn't matter where you purchased Battlefield Premium on the console via Battlefield or on (I purchased it from myself and it works just fine for me).

    Try the steps above and see if it works out for you. 

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    Thank you for taking time to answer my questions, and no, im not trying to get free anything. It says I do have premium membership, but alas I cannot play any new maps or use any premium content. I bought the code for the points today at a games shop, and used them on XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE. Then after downloading Premium and installing it ( I had not run BF3 yet) I went into the in game store, and it told me that I should of done it there instead. SO basically I have spent 4000 MP thinking I got premium and maps, but atm i only have Premium :(

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    Ah sorry mate, I did download update 4, can I find 3 manually?

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    You should be able to find 3 in the in game store or on

    You'll need this here (for Back to Karkand) and here (for Close Quarters) if you've gotten the other Multiplayer updates.

    After you've gotten those both, all current content should be unlocked for you and on the 11th Armored Kill should automatically be unlocked for you (as Multiplayer Update #4 included those files with that patch)