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Rocksmith Bass Expansion pack

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I downloaded this pack and can't find it anywhere?  I looked on the system music and video player, on the game itself.  No luck.  Any ideas?



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    I'm not sure exactly what you were expecting to get with the Bass Expansion ( new tracks maybe? there are none ) but here's some info from the official Rocksmith website


    Is there bass in the game?


    Rocksmith Guitar and Bass Edition includes bass for 53 on-disc tracks and all in-game features. If you own the original release of Rocksmith (non ‘Guitar and Bass’ edition) you can download the Bass Expansion DLC on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for Xbox 360® or PlayStation®Network for PlayStation®3.


    Which songs will I be able to play using a bass?

    You will be able to play bass on the 53 songs on the disc which feature a bass part. Bass guitar arrangements will also be added for all supported previously released DLC.


    Will I need to repurchase past DLC to play them with bass?

    No, the new bass content will add bass arrangements for all previously purchased DLC.


    Do I have to pay more for future DLC to play them with bass?

    There will be no extra charge for bass support on future DLC songs. Bass arrangements will be included with the guitar arrangements currently being offered.


    Which features can I use with my bass?

    Nearly everything playable with guitar can be played with a bass! There are brand new bass technique challenges and instructional videos, bass specific equipment for playing


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