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What's the difference between a flash drive and a HDD drive

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I have the older version of the 360 which only has 2 gb of memory. I purchased BF4 which of course requires way more memory than that. I was told at the electronics store that everyone has been using flash drives to upgrade their memory. So I bought a 64 gb Lexar jump drive 3.0 configured it to my system and attempted to download BF4. But it keeps telling my the device is not found and then says the game only permits installing HD content on the xbox 360 hard drive. Any of the forums I've read say that any jump drive will work. My question is am I using the wrong drive do I need a Xbox HDD drive and is there a difference between the two types of memory units? Please help.
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    The HDD has faster access times than the USB port allows, while you got a USB 3.0 drive, the USB ports on the 360 are only USB 2.0 ports. So games like BF4 that rely heavily on streaming data from storage require the speed only the internal HDD provides.


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    Flash memory is not considered a hard drive.  If a game such as BF4 requires a hard drive, then you must have an official Microsoft hard drive to play the game.  They are available for the slim xbox in 250gb and 320gb sizes.

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    Also, the MS hard drives have other system files on them required in order to run certain things. Flash drives won't have that.

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    Thank for your initial answer, which of course raises more questions. With the Xbox 360 I have (not a slim) and its limited memory can I expand its memory by adding an internal HD somehow, is there other options? Or will I never get to play games like BF4 that require lots of memory

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    Bazajaytee - be aware that both of those drives that you linked to are being sold by 3rd party vendors and are likely knock-off hard drives.  Drives not sold by Microsoft or Amazon themselves are usually generic hard drives slapped into a casing to make them fit an Xbox.  They have a history of failure as well as lacking software partitions that Only the official hard drives will have.  These things can lead to more problems down the road and should be avoided.  Hard drives should always be purchased from reputable retailers.

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    SLiKer11 - For Battlefield 4, you'll need an official Xbox 360 HDD which can be purchased from trusted retailers. It's really easy to install, too. For future reference when using a USB drive on your Xbox 360 console, check out the requirements here.

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