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Why does my xbox stay on when I turn it off?

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Before I get off, I'll usually turn off my Xbox 360 (Slim) by holding down the Xbox Guide button then pressing turn off console. Whenever I get back the Kinect light and the light on the Xbox guide button will be on but the light on the console will have a glowing green dot. Then I can turn off again...I wanted to know if this is a problem or just some kind of energy - saving type of thing. I do get worried about it overheating while im gone when this issue occurs. Please help. Thanks!

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    Hey Shadow, Your console is just going into the low power state which allows a cool down and if you are using the cloud then it is updating your cloud saved data since all data that is to be stored on the cloud is locally stored on your xbox until you shut it down, in which it uploads the data/save game files to the cloud.. There is no need to worry about this..

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    Do you have the controller plugged in when you turn it off or do you have anything downloading from the marketplace if so the system should stay on till A: battery is charged or B: the download is complete and the system should turn itself off after one or the other is done if neither of those apply than I am not sure.

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    Do you have background downloads enabled via System Settings?

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    I do have background downloads enabled. But I know im not downloading anything whenever this happens. I also have an Inner Cooler (I think thats what its called), so i thought it may be that.

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    Thank you so much ambassador that scared me too until you said this. Now I won't double click the power button when I shut it off thanks so much!


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    Low Power State

    Background Downloads

    Cloud Storage

    Hot Console

    All these keep your console on until they are done.

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