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disable parental control

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I Buyed a used xbox 360, but they has with parental control activated and cannot plays games for more 18 years and i'm not has the password. How can I disable?

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    Hi there,

    like D3ATH PRONE mentions, you will need to contact Xbox Support, YoYo is wrong because every console will have it's own unique code based on the consoles Id or serial Id to reset the family passcode.

    To contact Xbox Support use and select the callback request option.

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    Hello Digos X! You will need to contact Xbox Customer Support for your issue.


     Xbox Customer Support US&Canada



    If you live in another country let me know and I will get you the correct number. I hope this helps!

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    Digos X,

    You can reset the parental controls by doing the following:

    Turn off your 360 Unit

    Remove all memory devices

    restart 360 Unit

    go to system blade > Console Settings > System Info


    left trigger, right trigger, x, y, left bumper, right bumper, up, left bumper, left bumper, x.

    This should bring up a menu

    Reset System Settings

    Resetting your system settings

    will return all console settings to

    factory defaults. Do you want to

    reset to factory defaults?

    Yes, reset settings

    No, don't reset settings

    select to reset settings

    your screen should go blank for about 2 seconds

    then the language blade should appear that lists several different languages,

    select your preferred language

    then a blade that says "Xbox 360 Storage Device" should appear

    With the options of:


    Continue without one

    select to Continue without a profile

    Then an Initial Setup Complete screen should appear

    with the options of:

    Family Settings

    High Definition Settings

    Xbox Dashboard

    select Xbox Dashboard

    Now turn the system off, insert the Memory Unit or Hard Drive, and turn the system back on.

    No more Parental Control lock.

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    Do u lose your gold membership

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    How the heck do I get out of this stupid parental crap that the previous owner had

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    *sigh* does anybody actually read a thread or do they just blindly reply, I guess they blindly reply without reading.  Blocky you have to CALL SUPPORT to get rid of the parental control set up by the previous owner.

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    If each Xbox has a unique master code to a system reset, what algorithm should I use to find my master code?

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    *based on the serial #*

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    Hey there VicinalTomb3440,

    As stated previously in this thread you would have to contact Xbox support to get the code.

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    i called customer support and got the maater code for my console. i cant get the factory reset option... is it something to do with the speed i press them or what?

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    hey I put a family lock on my xbox 360 and I forgot and lost the paper that had the code.does any body know how to take it off or how to reset the whole thing?

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    hey I put a family lock on my xbox 360 and I forgot and lost the paper that had the code.does any body know how to take it off or how to reset the whole thing?

    If you scroll up a bit, you will see that a lot of answers have already beem posted that answer your question.

    You need to contact the OFFICIAL Xbox support (in your particular case you need the phone support, so they can check you're an adult, and not the kid trying to turn off the parental controls without the parents knowing).

    When on the phone, provide the Xbox support with the console serial number (found on a sticker on the back, or behind the front flap of the USB ports, or in the system information screen in the settings), and you will get the unlock code.