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I have an xbox 360 controller and it started to not work on my xbox.. it was working for 3 months and I decided to play some PC games with it.. It still works on my PC but when I try connecting it to my xbox all of the lights were flashing and my xbox wont recognize it.. and yes I tried this


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  • Well I found a strange fix... Everytime I needto connect it.. I need to press th usb hard into the usb xbox port in order to get recognize then after dat I can release it... Both USB ports though are the same.. Btw thanks for the help guys I appreciate It.. I think its sumeyhing wrong ith the controller.. Though it functions well.. :))

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    This might be a long shot but does the controller work in all of your computer's USB ports? I'd just like to rule out the possibility that part of the USB connector is detached and lodged in a certain USB port on your computer.

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    Hey there kris ...

    So I did a good bit of reading on this. I would try re-syncing, try reconnecting all the cables, as I've seen that those fix the issues in some cases.

    If  you have followed all the additional steps in the sticky you may want to call support or visit the service center and get a warranty / replacement.

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    When reconnecting all cables, don't forget the one for the power supply, disconnect it for at least 30 seconds.

    Disconnecting the console from power like that, sometimes fixes controller synching issues

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    Tried reconnecting the wires and cables.. still no hope.. tried it with my pc (all USB ports) and it works and the pc recognize it as an xbox controller.. btw i have an XBOX360 S

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    And also I noticed when I connect it to the computer It blinks like the one thats happening in the xbox for 2 seconds then connects after windows recognize it.. I think the problem is that the xbox just wont recognize it.. which it did the last time..

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    Does your controller have a pc/xbox switch by any chance? i have seen a few controllers like that. mostly on a wireless one where the receiver has a pc/console switch. that you use to go back and forth between the pc and the xbox