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Magic the Gathering 2014 Multiplayer Issue

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Game : Magic the Gathering 2014 (download), with Expansion Pack 1 (download)

The game was downloaded and installed 2 days ago.

Purchased with a Microsoft Xbox $$$ card.

I keep getting the following message when attempting to play online multiplayer:

"An error has occurred. You cannot play a multiplayer match with these opponents at this time. Please try again later."  

The error window shows the player names (all opponents) in the same window.


We have the latest updates to Xbox in place.  Any suggestions on a fix?

Other users have indicated they have encountered the same problem on the Wizards of the Coast forums, but there has not been any indication that a fix is available:

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    Are there other expansion packs for the game?  Perhaps the other players have packs that you do not.

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