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i have hed a problem with threats of being hacked by a particular gamertag now i am not the only one he did this to i filed a complaint and submitted a player review to avoid the player and blocked communications but he is still threatening my friend and it upsets me to see this happen to innocent people and have to put up with it now according to microsofts T&C's this is a breach and also according to microsoft they take this type of behaviour seriously.


please i am happy to tell the gamertag in private but to the enforcement team only or a member of microsoft.


neither me or my friend or anyone on xbox live should have to put up with this.

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    Also, just to add and bit more, for more information on what to do if you're being harassed on Xbox LIVE, view the forum sticky about harassment, here: How to handle harassment and you can find more info here: Reporting Abuse. All complaints are investigated. And if you want to make sure you account is as secure as possible you can visit the Xbox Live Account Security page and view the security checklist.

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    The best thing to do is report and avoid the payer brought the dashboard which you've done. I'd recommend ht your friend does he same.

    Unfortunatly there will always be obnoxious people that you will meet in all areas of life. The best thing to do when you meet them is to ignore them. People such as that relish in the fact that they annoy people and some get kicks from replies to them to those they've hurt.

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    If you're friends are being harrassed, they should file a complaint, mute, and block communications with this person. Here is a link with more instructions and information on that:


    If they do not do this then they are probably going to keep getting harrassed for a while. It takes time for the Enforcement Team to look through complaints, so everyone has to take the necessary steps to avoid harrassing players.


    Happy gaming!

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    Block the user and report them via xbox live console