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Parental code reseting/Configuration reset

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So heres my problem: i entered a parental code protection in the first days of getting my xbox because i would never need it sinse goin to the internet wasnt in my plans and it also restrained my brother from messing it up.....but the oportunity to use the code never came sinse all the games i played werent age limitet by the parental i've figured out how to use the internet and i cant seem to download or play some of the games i downloaded online...i cant enter the code for some reason...i assumed i rememered the code and the safety question and awnser...but it wouldnt i kinda gave up and assumed i didnt know the code at all and started looking for help online and found out that theres actualy a code to reset the configuration of your console including the parental control but all the codes i found didnt work as expected because it seems that it changes from version to version or in every certain number of xboxes madeso i dont have the actual code needed.(the codes im talking about are a key/button/trigger combination that can be done in the console info menu in the configuration)

calling microsoft doest work beacause in my country the support is so **** that even during the suposed time theres no1 awnsering but a machine telling me to go back to the website i got the number my actual question is:   WHAT IS THE CODE I NEED TO RESET MY XBOX CONFIGURATION?

sorry if its long and thanks for the help...hope it helps someone else too :)

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  • Unfortuantly, no one here can help you, even Xbox Ambassadors. All i can say is you will need to call Xbox Support because they have access to account.

  • That's about the only advice you can get.Devil Dog is correct, only support can help you with this.  IF you are truly the owner of the account, they will have no problem helping you over the phone.  

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    well...ive tryed to call xbox and the same thing happened...i know that if i give them my xbox info they'l check the version and tell me what i need but its still a shame that i cant reach them...can i get another advise plz? :)

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    ok then thanks for the help...ill keep trying :)

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