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lego pirates of the caribbean keeps freezing

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Hi guys, been reading around and this seems to be a common problem. It's REALLY bad with this game, it's like the game wasent even tested before release. Seems to happen randomly.

VERY frustrating especially since in one level I got everything, and nearing the end of the level the damn thing froze. With the money they are charging for this game I expect a FULLY completed product.

If any microsoft guys are on here, could you PLEASE tell traveler's tales to get this patched?


Since I can't get a refund now the seal is broken, I am now stuck with a lemon.

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    You would need to contact Travellers Tales and express your displeasure to them. I am sure they are working on a patch though they seem to support their games well.

    In the meantime you could maybe try installing the game to your HDD, it 'might' help with the freezing issues?.

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    I have indeed contacted them about this, but no doubt if they have eyes on the internet they should know about it allready.

    I'll install it to the hard drive, but I hear from others that this doesn't help.

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    I had same problem. I t locked the system up and saved data was corrupted. I tried downloading to hard drive but still had the game freeze multiple times. It even rrod my xbox from a cold start.

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    If this issue is occurring with just the one game, I'm inclined to say the issue is with the game itself, in which case contacting the publisher/developer is a good idea.

    However, if this issue is happening in other games too, I recommend taking five minutes to work through this guide here.

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    It's just with the lego games. PS3 and wii owners are having the same issues as well. I had no freezeups yesterday after I installed it to the hard drive. Strange that, isn't it?

    Seems a bit lame that you have to do it in order for the game not to freeze, will be worse for those with the arcade 360's.

    Do Microsoft get onto companies about stuff like this? I contacted TT last week but as I predicted I have not got a response.

    It seems like when they hit their deadlines for games, they shove it out the door if it is finished or not, then don't bother releasing patches. VERY sloppy.

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    How much does it cost to install?

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    I actually didn't have this problem until I played it on my cousin's Xbox.

    I have the old model, he has the new "slim" model. It froze twice in an about 35 minute time period.

    I'm glad it isn't just me.

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    I have a brand new Xbox slim model, have installed the game on the hard drive, and can confirm that it does freeze in places. No problem in playing it in "story mode", problem occurs when playing in "free mode". Has frozen on the very first level, and constantly freezes on "The Curse of the Balck Pearl" level (around the point where you have to switch characters). I am deliberately avoiding that level now in the hope that TT do indeed issue a patch for the game. Very disappointed in their quality control on this issue.

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    Tigger, be sure to log these issues with the developer to see that the message reaches the right folks.

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    I have just done a Google as it freezes, I only got it on Friday and I REALLY like the game, but I just got all the characters in the second level and was on my way to getting everything and it froze, it froze yesterday too, it even froze when I was in the port playing around! I have it installed on my 360 drive but the save is in the cloud, I will try the game with the save on my console and see what happens? Damn annoying. Oh and my 360 is the slim 250GB model and works perfectly fine with any other game.