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Cant Connect to XBL Error Codes 80151904 and 07274c

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Ok my GT is iiProDuce and i just cant get on xbox live i called 1800-4-MY-XBOX and they cant help me so i decided to turn to google and guess what still cant help so i came to

My problem, i got on my xbox and it auto logged me into my primary account (OnGr33nImGoiN) i logged out and attempted to log into my second account (iiProDuce) and it gave me an error saying could not connect, so t tried my primary account (OnGr33nImGoiN) agan and would not let me connect to that ether. So i restarted my xbox and did the same agan with the same results. i than tried to recover my iiProDuce account and would not connect me after i tried agan it let me inter my information and after it downloaded about 20% it game me this error "Sorry, Xbox LIVE profles can't be downloaded right now. Try again later 80151904" so i just restarted my xbox agan and signed in to  (OnGr33nImGoiN) and attempted to play GTA IV and it just disconnected me fom XBL, when i went o the dash and it just signed me back in. (i know this happens when you dont agree to the terms but i already did that). So for like the 4th time i restarted my xbox and this time i got this message saying that some content is temporarily unavailable with error code 8007274c. So i than ran a XBL connection test and got the following Status Report.

W: 0000 - 000B

X: 0000 - F001

Y: 20A8 - 4860

Z: 8007 - 2746


L: 0015 - 10F1

Q: 0015 - 10F1

T: Wired




IDK what any of them mean

and yes i have port forworded

Some One Please Help Me!

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    Glad to hear it Cybuewulf!

    Let us know if you have any other questions/issues that we can help with! ^_^

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    Hey Pro, sorry to hear about the account and LIVE issues! I'm curious, are you currently wired into a router, or directly into your modem? If the former, could you please try the latter? Also, I think you may be on the right track with trying to download the profiles. Would you be able to check the Gamer Profile section in 'Storage,' to see if there are any incomplete or corrupted profiles listed there? If so, they'll need to be deleted before you try downloading them again. Please let me know how that goes!

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    dealing with this right now delete all other profiles off the console check the hard drive for corruption and cleared the system cache 2x and power cycle the console and download profile and it worked:

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    I just cleared the cache to get it to work