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Xbox live isnt working right

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I have just bought a new xbox 360 black slim with the kinect. After getting the latest update, xbox live just does not work right. Pictures of what suppose to be on the home page, games, tv and movies, things like that are black. Sometimes when you select them they will move forward to the next page still with black empty spots, other times it just reloads right back to the original page. Im not sure where to go with this?

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    Well i figured out what my problem was. It was the web accelerator from our hughes ht1000 modem. As soon as i turned it off, live worked excactly as it should have

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    This is an issue with the update, an ambassador will likely w get on here and tell you to clear the casche off your Xbox and then they will tell you to uninstall and reinstall the update, then they will tell you to redownload load your profile.

    Maybe even tell you to open up your nat settings, or turn on your upnp settings on your router.  One of these may actually give the appearance that it is working again, but it won't, and is sure to start acting up again.  Unfortunately this has been going on for a couple weeks and M$ has not done anything or acknowledged an issue.  The hope is they will fix this SOON but I'm not holding my breath, just hoping for some sort of compensation at this point since I am now paying for nothing

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    So i have cleared the catche i think a couple times. Im not very technicle when it comes to modifying the setting on my router, or the upnp, idk what that is. So theres no way to fix this?

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    I have this problem too, ever since the recent update i cannot connect to xbox live properly. However I decided to try a wired a connection and now it works. Perhaps the recent update broke the slims Wi-Fi?

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    i have tried literally evrything i can find. I even deleted the latest update, but that made it even worse. Now when i test network connection i am connected to the network and internet, but when its testing xbox live it says an update is available, and when i select yes update it says update cannot be downloaded and it turns into a repeating cycle. This is a two day old xbox, i shouldnt be having these problems. Can an ambassdor or someone from microsoft help me here. I dont need to run through all the standard test and solutions, i have done them all and none have wroked, so please someone give me a hand here, thank you

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    Hey there, everyone. I haven't heard anything about the recent update causing this issue. As Epic mentioned, using a wired connection resolved this and I would be willing to bet what you're experiencing is linked to connection trouble. warshrooms, can you try using a direct connection to your modem and let us know if the issue persists? Thanks!

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    mister darcy, thank you for such a quick response. I have tried a direct connection to the modem before, but not since i delted the update. I will try this as soon as i get home. will let you know the results this evening, thank you

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    A wired connection did not resolve my issue, also I do not have a slim Xbox I gave 2 elite xboxes.  One of them was the beta, and if you haven't heard this before, then perhaps you need to try actually reading the forums.  IT'S EVERYWHERE!