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Xbox Live connection problem whit UPC??

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Dose anyone know anymore information on the problem UPC are having, when it comes to connecting whit Xbox Live? 

I've had this problem for the past few days now. I was thinking that it mite be on my end, but then on looked it up, i found that everybody was having the same problem if they were whit UPC.

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    Hello Mercenary30,

    Are you still having the LIVE connection issue?  The UPC Helps You Twitter account has gone home for the weekend, and we currently only see a service alert for Cloud Storage up on our service alert page.

    Let us know.


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    Its still down if upc would check it properly.the live is down nothing to do

    With cloud .I don't even use cloud.if we don't get reinbursted for this mess I'm goibg back

    Dare I say it to eircom.most people only have bb for xbox live so get it sorted.weekend

    Should not matter to a big company !!!

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    Hey dmessiah and Mercenary30,

    UPC did send out a tweet with some very basic information about the issue.  You can take a look at that tweet here.

    Hope it helps shed some light on the situation for you.