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Internet explorer POP-UPS

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Why can't we navigate around any pop ups with Internet explorer for the xbox360. Playstation gives you the ability with an open windows button telling you what is open and how many pages ie. your current page and 2 popup ads giving you the ability to close those popups and continue surfing with your current page. Right now Xbox gets stuck as soon as a popup occurres it loads the popup and your page you want to go to gets lost. Every time you get back to the page you want It's reloaded the popup again so it's impossible to get around it. My cell phone has the exact same thing as the playstation a button that shows you what is open and let's you delete the popups and continue surfing I have an apple iPhone 4S Give u an update to navigate around these popups for Internet explorer on your Xbox system it's bad enough we have to pay for a gold membership then we can't even use the Internet It's ridiculous get your engineers to fix this and give us an update ASAP I can't believe such a huge corporation couldn't figure this out and make the app actually usable Thanks
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    Hello NaiveKey172,

    Could you share with us what website you are browsing, so that we can try and reproduce what you are seeing on our end?  I've gone to, and it blocked most of the pop-ups there.

    Also, some websites work a bit better using the mobile version of the website.  You could give that a shot too.

    If you go into the Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 Settings, make sure that you have "Turn on SmartScreen Filter..." checked, also "Use web pages formatted for mobile devices" checked.  You can get to Settings in the browser by hitting 'Y' to open the Web Hub, then putting your pointer over the 'gear' in the upper-right corner.

    Let us know if those things help.  Thanks!

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    Pop ups with

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    Hi Rowdy, you're seeing pop-ups there?  Just when you try to stream from it?  I'm not sure I'll be able to test that site over here.  Any others giving you issues?

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    I'm having the same issue with the exact same site and its seriously lame guys... go to walking dead pick an episode ceiw all results click a vidbull or vidxden or allmyvideos or put locker or any non pay link click through to video and try to play it as soon as you hit the play button even on the actual video player bam! Pop up to adyeild or some bs ad site... do a little leg work guys we pay good money for this stuff i'd really appreciate your help with this and so would thousands of others.... thanks!

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    All it would take here is an option for windows so when an ad comes it opens a new window and doesn't take you off your page cuz then your in a never ending cycle of madness due to a simple software limitation

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    Or even simpler give us somewhere to add the ad pop up to the blocker

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    Hello Beelzebub 420,

    I know that this doesn't necessarily answer your pop-ups issue, but does that site take you to Flash-based video players?

    The Internet Explorer app on the Xbox 360 does not support Flash.  So, if they were flash-based, you wouldn't be able to watch the free television content provided by that website.  For example, if that site takes you to, you would need to subscribe and use the Hulu + app on the Xbox 360 to view their content.

    Let us know what you find out.  Thanks.