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Connecting to Xbox live on a cisco router

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To start, my landlord provides me with internet through use of his wireless Cisco router. I live in an apartment above his business so he has a secondary network set up for our use. This "guest" network is seen as unsecured when looking for something to connect to but once connected you must access an internet browser to put in the password. Here lies the problem. I can connect to the network on my xbox but not the internet, therefore not allowing me to connect xbox live because I cannot put in the password. I do have the IE app but you cannot access it without being connected to xbox live. I have tried bridging the connection, I have tried MAC spoofing, and everything else I can think of messing around with IP's and what not. I have looked on many forums and FAQ's and everyone keeps suggesting MAC spoofing or bridging. I just simply cannot get this to work and no one has any other answer besides them.The router is a Cisco e4200, I have an xbox slim (wifi built in) I do not have physical access to the router so I cannot hard wire it. Any insight into this problem would be awesome, thanks in advanced!

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    well I did try that, but I think I figured out the problem. We ended up just getting a separate connection and got our own router and what not. Anyway, I use a wireless card in my desktop and I've been using it since I built the computer. Since setting up our new connection this was the first time I could hard wire the computer to the internet. I figured out the mother boards Ethernet port wasn't allowing an internet connection. So now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that lol but hey, I GOT XBOX LIVE BACK!! I'll keep tinkering and I'll report back with any other information I find on the cisco thing anyway so there will at least be an answer for others on the internet

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    Hello SnipsLOLz,

    Have you tried the steps for Internet Connection Sharing from our support page to Connect your console to Xbox LIVE using a Windows computer in place of a router ?  There are also steps if you own a Mac HERE.  

    If you are unable to get those steps to work, you might want to ask your landlord about allowing your Xbox 360 to access the non-guest portion of his network.

    Let us know if the steps in the link help.  Thanks!

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    Stoked to hear you've got LIVE back! Let us know if you do make any bounds with the Cisco router. :)