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windows 8 can not connect

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Every time I try and use any app in windows 8 that tries and connects to the xbox live service such as Microsoft Solitaire Collection  I get an error saying "Sorry Not sure what happened try again or come back later. For support please goto"  I've been coming back for two weeks.

I've done a search on the support page for windows 8 and received 3 results none of which are relevant. I cant find any information about windows 8 on

If I open the inbuilt 'Games' app to the xbox store it opens and signs me in.

I'm currently signed in using the same account to the web site that will not connect when in an app.

I have made my account, local then re-associated it with my with my Hotmail account. I still get the same problem.

Please help, I cant find any way of getting a real error message, just the same one again.

I purchased several tables for pinball fx2, which worked for a week now it just tries to connect.


thank you for any assistance 


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    Hi there! That sounds as annoying as heck!  OK, let me make sure I'm following though:

    You can log in to the system fine using your Microsoft Account, but anytime you try an app that would require Xbox LIVE, you get that really generic error message?  There's a couple things I can think to try right off the bat.  First of course would be deleting those apps and reinstalling them.  It's probably also not a bad idea to give the computer and home network a restart.  Have you already tried that, or has it changed the error you get at all?

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    Thank you.

    Correct I can login to the system fine using my Microsoft Account but any time I try to use an app that tries to connect to xbox live I recieve the same generic error message.

    I have reset my router, reset my computer, uninstalled the apps, reinstalled the apps.

    I have run "netsh int ip reset reset.log hit" and "netsh winsock reset catalog" and still have exaclty the same problem.

    I can connect from internet explorer to the internet.

    I can login in the the support forum and post this message using the same account that I am using for accessing xbox live.

    Is there any further suggestions you can offer? Is there no where I can get an actual error message as to why I cant connect?

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    This could be fixed easily, sir. Just contact 1-800-4MY-XBOX. They'll be happy to assist you, and your issue will be fixed just like that!

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    did you ever get this resolved...I have the same issues...

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    Hi Dark. If you are having troubles, I ask that you go ahead and create a new thread, detailing your issue as much as possible, as well as any troubleshooting steps you have tried. Thank you!

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    i have problem too, but we find out someting with app permission, i know i have to create my own post, but maybe could help here too , but im still an answer from some one ''inside'' ... the link is this