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Problem with my account? ERROR: 831188FE

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Trying to automatically sign in to XBox Live when switching on the XBox, a pop-up appears asking me if I wish to "Sign in with your email and password?"

Enter my info correctly,

Receive a message

"Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to for help.

Code: 831188FE"

Had a look around the site given, everything seems in order. My Gold account hasn't expired.

Never had similar issues until tonight.

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    Switched on my XBox 360 as usual, instantly attempted to download my profile and it worked! Just shy of 24 hours since I registered my compliant with Microsoft via online chat.

    No idea if Microsoft have resolved the issue and have forgotten to email me. But it works.

    Sorry I don't have any other advice other than tell Microsoft about this problem and wait it out. I personally found deleting caches, removing corrupt hard-drive  files, deleting my profile and the like didn't work for me.

    My advice is if you are pondering deleting your profile to resolve an issue, make sure you can re-download it, as you'll have no access to your saved games until you are able to do so.

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    i belive this has something to do with the service alert. Go to for more info.


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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Current Status suggests everything is fixed, yet I'm still having the same issue.

    Will attempt again tomorrow morning.

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    Rebooted home network.

    Cleared my cache.

    Removed all power to the XBox, then rebooted system.

    All to no avail.

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    I just had this same error and had never had it before.  My account was in good standing and everything seemed fine.  I did everything you did and it didn't work either.  So I went to system settings and went to network settings, disconnected the internet from there, waited a minute, then connected back to my internet and was able to sign on after that.  Maybe that will help you too, good luck!

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    You should call up our xbox live customer service. 24/7. 1-800-4MY-XBOX. Thank You! And Have A Nice Day! :)

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    I'm in the UK. But I'll look up the number here.

    Still not working this morning.

    @allforlost - Thanks for the tip but it didn't seem to work for me on this occasion.

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    I think i found the solution. I got my friends hard drive and recovered my account on his hard drive then i had to put in my user name and password. My account worked again, even on my original hard drive. If you can, try this and let me know if it worked for you as well.

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    @Somber Sniper - Thanks for your suggestion but after a chat with support I was asked to delete my profile from my XBox. No matter which XBox I try to download my profile to it results in failure, I have a new error code (80151012), but exactly the same issue. Problems with my "Microsoft account".

    XBox support said they'd moved my issue to a "higher level" and that "this will just be a walk in the park for the advocacy team so you will be hearing from us in no time."

    I'm told they'll email me with news ASAP.

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    Ok. If they give you any more detailed info as to what causes this, please let us know.

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    Still nothing on the email front. (4 hours)

    Attempted multiple connection tests. Deleted all corrupt data from my hard drive. Tried to download my profile without the hard drive inserted. All to no avail.

    Also wiped caches, removed updates, reinstalled XBox Live updates (clearly the XBox can connect to the internet, then..)

    Still unable to download my profile due to problems with my "Microsoft Account".

    Can connect to and sign in to no problem. So my XBOX account is all good.

    I've seen the error message so many times the fact Microsoft have used the word "Something's" in their error message infuriates me.

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    My problem now is that there's no profile on my XBox system. I can't even play my saved games offline, yet alone multiplayer as per usual.

    This is incredibly frustrating. Still no reply from Microsoft, and I'm apparently a priority case. Poor.