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Account info error code: 80049C3A

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I am VERY upset, I have tried different times and I am very upset with this. Someone PLEASE help me make sure my phone/cell number validates. I am desperate to access live, I want to play mob of the dead map pack and ME3 online. I also wish to insure I don't have to keep on putting in my email as well because the one that is currently my main one, I can't access it, forgot the password but know the username. The security questions I can't remember either so please, I am tired of getting Code: 80049C3A and other codes *sad face*

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    Hey there Crisped! It sounds to me like you should go to and get the password for your email address back. That's definitely information that you'll need if you want to continue accessing your account.

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    Sir, my yahoo account is what I can't access, that is the issue, I can access my newer one. I can send you private messages detailing further complications regarding signing in, I'll call support if I get that sign in error

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    Hey again Crisped! There's not much we can do if you don't know the email or password for your yahoo email. You can try using the Contact Us page to set up a support call, but we can't help you get access to your yahoo email.

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    I'd suggest trying to reset the yahoo password. That's the best bet. But the account might be locked, so you might have to call Yahoo.

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    If this is the case, it's o-k-a-y. You can still get your account back by doing an Account recovery. To start that process you have to fill out the ACSR form. To get to that, go to, click "Can't access my account" under the blue Sign-In button. Enter your Mic Account and the characters(not case sensitive), when it it asks you to receive an email reset link, we know that won't work so select "None of these options work for me". THAT will take you to the ACSR form. Fill it out with any and all account info to prove that account is yours. When you're done, you'll get a reply that says to wait for the reset link or that you didn't submit enough info. If you get the second stating you didn't submit enough info, call XBox Support 18004MYXBOX and they can escalate that to Advocacy Specialists that can get you playing again. :)

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    Alright so my friend is receiving the same error code of "80049C3A" and all of her info is correct and can be accessed and when you do a search for the error code on the following site: it states there are no results when it is obviously an error and should by now have some results on that search page as it would seem more then one person experiences this error/issue. I can't really tell or find out what the error means seeing as we are unable to find any results for it at the above mentioned link in this reply.

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    Hey there SgtAdmael,

    Please go ahead and create a new thread explaining your issue in full detail. This will make it easier for us to help you =)

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