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Xbox One Smoking

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Got my Xbox One, played it last night and today. Was playing Ryse, went and done some quick cleaning, come back and the Xbox had a amber light. Plugged it into the wall like people recommended, ended up smoking through the top after I turned it on. Now I have to call and get a coffin. Seriously? its a new console? This is like PS4x2.

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    Sorry for your issue. If it's smoking I highly recommend you do not plug it back in, basically cause that could be a fire hazard. That said, yeah go to and submit a repair.

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    I had the same issue, played fine on launch night, played fine for the most of the 22nd into the 23rd until about after 16 hours of gaming, mine just shut off and power supply was amber. It wouldn't turn back on so I followed the instructions of resetting the power supply and then it turned on for one second, buzzed, then started smoking. Sent it back to Microsoft already. I'm really hoping this is just a fluke and not due to gaming, what's the point if you can't play for very long.

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    Hey All,

    If you haven't already contacted support about your console issue please do so immediately. I am extremely sorry that happened and want you gaming with us as soon as possible.

    Reach back and let us know what you find

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    Thanks Mister Urkel, I already sent mine in, hoping it's not really a 2 week turnaround. I'm assuming the problem is a fluke, but can you answer this - will MS just "refurbish" the unit and send it back or will we be getting a new system. My issue with it is that in the last generation of 360, I went through 8 360's to finally having one that worked longer than a year. I'm trying to avoid that issue with this generation, thanks much.


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    So I can say that the chances of you getting a refurbished xbox in two weeks would be slim... I can't promise, but fact is 2 weeks isn't enough time for them to take a broken xbox, fix it, then ship it back out

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    Ok that's a little reassuring, I really don't want a refurbed console again, thanks :)

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    are u in USA?

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    Would like to of seen some pictures of that.

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    sounds like rubbish to me.

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    You are not the first.  In fact, a neighbor hooked up his New Xbox One and began the setup and update process. He fell asleep and was awakened by his fire alarms only to find his Xbox one on fire!!!  He tried to put it out and had to call 911. The entire house burned up by the time the fire was extinguished.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt.  I assume when the official report confirms the fire was started by the Xbox one they will be all over the news.

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    Same thing just happened to me after a week of normal use. I followed the trouble shooting for a possible power supply failure and next thing you know my electronics fried. I am Quite bummed and hope I get my xbox fixed soon. Also does anyone know if the save games automatically upload to the cloud? I would hate to lose all of my AC4 progress if I get a replacement console.

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    If you chose the cloud for your game saves and not the HDD, then you will be okay.

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    My Xbox One has worked fine since last Sunday. Today shut every thing down as I went to the community Christmas sing. When I got home the Xbox wouldn't turn on at all. I removed all the cords, put the plug into a different outlet and it finally reacted to me touching the button.  However once it got going, a gray smoke started wafting from the top.  Definitely smelled of slight burning....  

    Could not be more upset.   I got hit by the red ring of death twice one the 360 early on.....

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    IMO i would just return it to the store and just pick one up when they get more in stock.

    Camped out at Best Buy (Dec. 17-18th 2005) 5th in line for 18 hours. Got a Premium! Warranty's Are nice!

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    G'day Roadkill! So sorry to hear about that experience. Please get in touch with our phone team as soon as you can so we can offer the best assistance.

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