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Green Screen Freeze, then blank screen (nothing)

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When i first set up my Xbox one - all i could see was the green screen with the logo. Now all i get is a blank screen - my tv is registering the device - i haven't changed anything since the green screen, i've tried rebooting in lower resolution as per the support site - but still only get a black/blank screen. I'm in the cue for support chat and cant request a call back as i don't live in the U.S. Can anyone help??? very disappointed so far as is my 10 year old son (who has now had to go bed without playing with his birthday gift).

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    I have the same problem and chatted with a MS representitive who afetr trying multiple cables and multiple screens agreed that its DOA and I need a replacement. Shame you have to front the money from MS to get a 3-5 day replacement