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Save game back up?

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Hi, I am a lucky one and my console is working Incase it develops a problem i want to know if i can back up the save game progress so i don't have to re do the game again? 360 i could back up to usb and with having live i could cloud it. Can i do either? Thanks Hopefully it automatically saves to cloud without me knowing.
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    Hey Kev,

    All your saves are going to the Cloud. This feature is handy when you decide to go to another persons place all your progress goes with you. As far as a external HDD nothing yet is on the docket but that doesn't suggest that it wont be in the future.

    Hope that helps. Reach back if you have any further questions that we can help with.

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    The game saves are "our" property from what I understand. Hopefully there is indeed a way, I have been trying to figure it out for a while but no luck.

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    Thanks. Touch wood the power supply will hold out until its found out

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    Thanks Urkel - so just to verify.

    if i ever needed to reset to factory settings, once i re downloaded my profile and re installed the game it would load back to where i was?

    it i needed my xbox replacing and it had another serial no. - once i re downloaded my profile and re installed the game it would load back to where i was still?

    Does it back it up and rewrite over the last save or save a few (only ask as if the save file became corrupt would there be a way around it by reloading an earlier save?

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    Kev, your answers to ur first 2 questions, are Yes and Yes. Since its not saved on ur box, replacing it, or resetting it, wont matter. Its linked to ur gamer tag on the MS Cloud.

    However, i am interested in ur third question.

    I'd also like to know if its saved locally? Example: My internet is down, can i still play my BF4 campaign? And would it auto upload to the cloud after?

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    true - if i never connected to internet, i presume it would be loading a locally saved file?

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    It should store locally....

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    It's really quite a shame we can't just manage our own hard drive space manually... You know, that feature the PS4 has and Microsoft removed from the Xbox One for no good reason? :P