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HDMI In problems

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I dont think the HDMI in is working on my xbox, everything ive tried just cycles between a black screen and the "we have lost connection to your TV" screen. I've tried my computer and a dvd player and they are both doing the same thing. It was working for about 5 min with my computer, but the audio barely worked, and the video was really laggy. I really dont want to factory reset mine, but that may be the next step. Anyone else having a similar problem?
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    problems with our hdmi in as well - works after rebooting xbox and cable box - then becomes unreliable and freezes or gives same error "we have lost connection to your TV"

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    Tried a new cable?

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    I've tried 3

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    I had problems where I lost all video from my Xbox One just after setting up the HDMI in stuff. Because I couldn't see anything, I couldn't turn the Xbox off. I tried holding the power button on the Xbox itself until the light went out which did a full turn off. Turning it back on seemed to sort the issue, although I've not used the TV stuff much since because I get too big a deal on my surround sound at the moment (hoping to sort that). Might be worth doing a full shut down in a similar way?