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Xbox One losing TV signal

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I just set up my xbox tv and have the HDMI cable plugged in fully to both the xbox and the cable box. The screen, however, keeps switching from a freezed frame of the last thing that was on my tv to saying "We've lost your TV signal!" Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Same problem here - after some experimentation I have found if I have it in standby mode and switch it back on (by voice command) - the HDMI from the STB is frozen and the signal doesn't get through, no matter how much I switch cables.

    However turning off that feature and using the 'Power Savings' settings IE: when I turn the box off it turns fully off (not standby) and turn it back on (via controller or from of the console, voice commands only work in standby...) then the TV signal gets through just fine.

    This obviously isn't ideal, and just a work around, as I would like to leave it in standby mode and turn on an off by voice, but it's not cable related and I doubt it's hardware related, and can and should be fixed with a firmware update... soon hopefully.

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    I'm having the same problem here in NY. I have time warner cable and my hd box plugged into my xbox one.

    The picture freezes then resizes itself every 15 minutes or so. Then once in a while I get a screen telling me it has lost my TV signal. I've tried changing hdmi cables a few times. I hope microsoft comes out with some sort of fix, it's very annoying.

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    I have the same issues as everyone else. The Xbox will detect the tv signal, come on the screen for 3 seconds, and then go blank. I've looked at multiple fixes on these forums and none of them have worked.

    I have Comcast with a Motorola Dual Tuner DVR/HDTV Compatible: DCT6412/2005

    My tv is a Sony KF-50WE610

    Yes, some of my stuff is older but should work. I have DVI-D output on my cablebox and and input one on the TV both with Rocketfish DVI-D to HDMI connectors. I don't know if those are degrading the signal strength at all. I did just call Comcast and they are going to swap out my Motorola STB for a new one with HDMI outputs. However, my tv doesn't have any HDMI inputs so I'm still going to be using the DVI-D to HDMI connector.

    Does anyone else have a setup like this on an older model STB or TV? I have also tried 4 different HDMI cables so can pretty much rule that out since none of them fixed the issue. My STB is also set to 720p out as well as my tv.

    The fact there is a signal and the tv does come on for 3 seconds makes me think this is an Xbox issue.

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    i have a directv hr21-100 and can't get signal. swicthed to 720p and stereo output. no luck

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    I am having a similar problem. The TV signal keeps getting lost. The screen goes black or it freezes. I swapped out the HDMI cable but that did not fix it.

    I guess I will have to disconnect my tv from the xbox and plug it back into my tv directly because it is unwatchable right now.

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    I had the same problem, TV was stutterring / freezing and xbox kept saying that it was losing signal.  

    Fix:  I used the "high speed" HDMI supplied with XBOX one to go from cable box >>> to XBOX and rebooted XBOX to be sure.  It seems my Frys' electronics $5 HDMI cable couldn't handle the throughput from cable box to xbox.

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    I just fixed my problem. Left in standby mode overnight, still working with no freezes. I turned off beta surround sound on Xbox. On cable box I turned to 720, stereo output, and put the hdmi cable that came with Xbox from cable box to Xbox. StrAfter doing all of this, I turned cable box off for one minute. Turned Xbox off by holding power button for 8 seconds on front. Turned cable box on, followed by the Xbox. Ever since, had worked flawlessly from game switching, standby overnight, snapping NFL app watching NFL, swapping to dead rising 3, back to TV.

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    Motorola DCH3416

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    I have two cable boxes. Both Motorola. I tried the second one and I am having the same problem.  I can't even describe how angry this makes me. 500 dollars for this and a major component of what this thing purports to be does not work.

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    Downgrading to 720p on cable box 'fixed' it for me...  I was able to reset power setting back to instant on and works with all my cables i previously thought were faulty.

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    I'm having this issue now. Comcast Motorola DVR to Xbox One using the HDMI cable that came with the Xbox One.

    Interestingly, though, I set up my console and TV on Friday evening and had zero issues Friday or all day Saturday (couple standbys and various media in that time - TV, BD, games). Cables haven't been touched until I just started troubleshooting a few minutes ago. I think there may be merit to this being a software/standby issue. I'll try some things mentioned in this thread...

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    I use a Windows Media Center PC with a NVIDIA ION for my cable box and I'm having the same issue.

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    Just had  this happening reshuffle the hdmi cables seams to be ok for now like someone said I think hdmi ports are touchy

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    Steamer43, I have the exact same issue. Comcast/xfinity box. Will work, but after everything is shut off for a while, it won't work, and I have to unplug my cable box's power cord to get it to work at all, even if I move the hdmi cable to a direct connection to the tv.

    Very odd... Appears something with xbox one is really messing with my cable box... Hoping for a fix soon.

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    Same problem here.  This is bad ... not only do we not get the guide in Canada, this issue devalues the TV feature further still.

    For me, it appears to happen when I switch inputs on my receiver.  When I switch my input to Xbox 360 or to Apple TV and then comeback to Xbox One.  The TV freezes at a frame, may resume only to freeze again, or I'm shown "we have lost your TV signal" message. Ridiculous.  This better get fixed.