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When I Say "Xbox Watch NBC", The Xbox goes to the HD channel I don't have instead of the SD channel I do have

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Using Tivo TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR, Black

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    If you add the channel to your favorites, xbox one seems to prioritize this channel and fixes this issue.

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    You can hide SD channels; but I think whoever set this configuration option assumed that you'd have access to any HD channels listed, so he/she/they did not include an option to hide HD channels (show only SD channels). I'm sure they could add this configuration option via an update, but there'd have to be enough of a clamoring for it to get their attention.

    I think your service provided deserves some of the blame for this as well. They want to make sure you "see" all of the "great content" in the guide that you're not getting. (Really, I'm sure they don't want to maintain different guide listings for each combination of channel packages.) I recall back in the day when I was growing up that our Comcast service didn't show channel listings for things we did not pay for. If we could see it in the guide, we could view the channel. Now, our Comcast guide shows us everything, even if we don't have access to it; so I frequently see that movie I love playing and switch to it, only to find out its on some premium channel that I cannot view ... Also, the Comcast guide is the same ugly guide I used when I was growing up in the 1990's; so I was super happy to get OneGuide to cover it up.)

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    Here is me clamoring !  Anyone else?