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Xbox Live Account Hacking

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I've seen many articles on the internet recently about the hacking of Xbox live accounts and purchases being made for Fifa Ultimate team.

Well yesterday, my xbox account was hacked, and i'm going to tell you about my experience.

  • Start up xbox
  • on the dashboard
  • haven't been signed in yet, think that's a bit odd
  • try signing in, apparently the password is wrong
  • reset my password through hotmail
  • see puchases for 4X 2000MS and 1X 500MS
Now people are saying it's to do with FIFA, it may be, because i play FIFA 11, BUT, what was purchased was not for FIFA.
Here's a list of what was purchased:
  • Vanquish - 1,840MS
  • DA2: Mark of the Assassin DLC - 800MS
  • DA2: Legacy DLC - 800MS
  • DA: Witch Hunt DLC - 560MS
  • GoW3: Lancer Omen - 80MS
  • GoW3: Imulsion Weapon Skin - 320MS
  • Dungeon Defenders - 1200MS
  • Fruit Ninja Kinect - 800MS
As you can see, nothing was purchased for FIFA, but what EA games have things been purchased for??? Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.
Both of these games connect to the EA server/Bioware network just as FIFA connects to the EA servers to do pretty much anything.
I've seen people on this site saying that Xbox Live accounts are un-hackable, well, they are most definitely wrong.
It's either, as looks to be the case, someone hacking into EA and getting account access somehow (i'm not an expert) or something else, perhaps at microsoft.
Either way, Xbox Live isn't as secure as you say it is Microsoft, and no, i haven't typed my username and password into any unsecure website that isn't microsoft, i'm extremely careful with my details.
If there is a problem at Microsoft or EA, will one or the other grow up, and own up to the problem so we can warn people about it?
Edit: also, you will notice on my gamer card that my most recent games has GoW3 and Dragon age origins on it as the 2 most recent, i own neither of these games!!!! 
I only own Dragon age 2 from that series!!!
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    I hope when you file your UA with Xbox Support that support personnel do not insist blaming you for a lack of personal security with respect to your Windows Live ID/XBOX Live account.  Contact XBOX Support via phone; file a UA.  Hope and wait.  Sorry for your troubles; a lot of us have been there or are still there.. hoping and waiting.

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    Thanks for the support,

    I have contacted microsoft, and thankfully, it was an easy process and "Hugo" was very helpful on the other end of the phone.

    But 6 weeks for the investigation... really??

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    They quoted you six weeks? Sounds like things are getting even worse, as I got the 25 day quote on the 19th. Wonderful.