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another account hacked

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So at around 7:30 this morning I get an e-mail saying with the subject line : Account Switch Confirmation. The message read:

      This mail is confirmation that you successfully switched your XBOX Live account from United States to Russia 

Of course, I am not in Russia and I did not ask to migrate my account. Which raises the first question. Why do I have to call customer service and pass a security interrogation to STOP paying for XBOX Live but someone can move my account to Russia and take my points with a few mouse clicks. The information they put in the erroneous account was clearly bogus like city fgdgsd and zip 123456. 

An interesting note for the group; this time they didn't use my points for FIFA. They spent it on RIFT which is apparently one of those MMORPGs for Windows.

They tried to suggest that I gave away my account information. I set this account up like 6 years ago. I don't play online games. I have never used my account information for anything online.  I have barely even used it on my XBOX. I put it in my XBOX when I set up the account and I only used prepaid cards for points to spend on DLC.

The email account associated with the Live ID was not compromised because it is a double forwarded g-mail account with dual authentication. 

So, I am out a few points... not too bad. The worst part is that my account is crippled and the thousands of points of DLC that I purchased before is being held in prison. 

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    Same thing. Not sure what is going on. If this is happening to multiple people, then Microsoft is to blame. We should post to a news group just as with the PS3 incident. See what will happen.

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    It was reported about two weeks ago.  Microsoft and EA issued blanket denials that apparently all the gamer news organs took as gospel.  There has been no follow up by the media despite the fact that the hacks keep happening and neither Microsoft nor EA has taken any steps (or at least not any successful steps) to prevent it from continuing to happen.

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    Hey there Cleric! If you feel your account was compromised, please contact phone support ( to start an Unauthorized Access investigation. You can also check our Account Security page ( for more info on protecting your account. Please let me know if this helps.

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    another one bites the dust, 10/28 for me, sorry to hear you had to join the club

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    My son just got hacked while playing in the middle of battlefield 3....he thought it was just a server error...recovered his gamer tag... then two minutes later...he was kicked off again... Immediatly I went online to change my password ect... only to find out 10,000 microsoft points have been charged to my credit card!!  This just happened 5 minutes ago and now I am doing a quick google search only to find this is happening to numerous people. It sounds like people at xbl need to put out an alert and start being proactive!! This is totally unacceptable.. Then reading you are locked out of your account for weeks while they investigate??? My son saved his money to buy this game... and now won't be able to play online with his friends??? WTF  And the people from xbox sound all like it is no big thing..It clearly is.... .saying to call so they can start their month long investigation... I don't know about you but I work hard for my money... Maybe instead of calling xbox I think maybe there may be enough people by now for a class action law suit... so calling a lawyer instead may be in order. This isn't just some 39 year old guy sitting in his moms basement..randomly hacking a couple people...It's been going on for a few months now at least from what I can tell by whole 3 minute investigation..Same thng happening..over and over..people are getting hacked, points added, (I see alot at exactly 10,000)  then games are bought, or tried to before the owner becomes aware and changes his info.......This is so frustrating especially since it is happening so often.. Where was my alert???  Sounds like there has been a breach somewhere up the chain.... and they are trying to keep it quiet..... Forgive my run on sentences and spelling mistakes... I'm one ticked off mom and I am typing a hundred wpm...Think I will go post this on every message board I can find.......thanks.

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    Yeah. The response, or lack thereof, is the most frustrating thing.

    I wasn't even affected by the Sony PS3 thing but they took action, kept me informed, and gave me a free year of credit monitoring. In addition they gave me four free games and a bunch of other fun stuff to make up for the pain and anguish.

    Microsoft can't even manage to give me back the stuff I paid for. The second account added to my profile is an obvious fake. Anyone tech who looked at the details of my account for two minutes should willing and ABLE to reset my stuff.

    The tech support guy said part of the problem with returning my account from Russia to the US is due to some quota system they set up and there are no "slots" available for migration to the US. What kind of nonsense is that?

    I have always been a multi-console guy but I am afraid the loss of my DLC is unacceptable. This happened at the worst possible time because I have one of the original XBOX's (can't believe it still works) and I was going to upgrade to one of the new Kinnect kits with the big hard drive. Since I can't transfer my DLC that just isn't going to happen.  

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    There are no 'Hacks' when it comes to XBL. Its all Phishing. The E-mail is the key to your Gamertag and unfortunatly when you type Fifa Ultimate team into Google or Bing ;) it pull up a slew of Phishing websites. The card details on the actual console only show the last 4 digits and this is great as people can only make charges that are Xbox related and charges that Microsoft will 100% refund if they are fraudulent. A refund, mind you that they are under no obligation to refund as it was a lapse in security from the users side. Children and somethimes adults are always giving away personal information if they are promised '10th prestige lobbys' or a 'transfer of player packs' and all that nonsence.

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    @Garys Xbox

    I got hacked, not phished. I've never been on a phishing website in my life and can spot them from a mile away.

    So take your sympathies, or lack thereof, and move along. This time is hard enough without people like you chiming in and blaming the victim.

    For the record, my account got hacked and the profile region wasn't changed (thank goodness). I started my UA case on the 29th of October and will definitely be making a thread here when I eventually get it back.

    The guy spent £80, which I caught instantaneously after I woke up in the morning. The bank had me sorted out with a quick phone call and paypal also were extremely helpful. It was a typical FIFA 12 hack where the guy blew all my points on FIFA 12 gold packs.

    I will reserve judgement on Xbox support until I get my account back, but so far they have been helpful.

    Hearing all these horror stories of accounts being locked down for months on end tends to dampen my hopes, so I will be following xbox support up every week of my investigation.

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    Dittoes to Trelon.  I have turned in phishers who sent me promises of hacks, boosts, and points.  I don't fall for their scams and I will bust them when and where I can.  But, Gary, if it makes you sleep better at night to think we are all a bunch of idiots and cheaters and Xbox has come up with the 100% perfect system, well then enjoy the warm sand around your ears.  Just do us the favor of keeping your Pollyanaisms to yourself.

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    I've been following this forum ever since I got hacked and from what I've read from your posts, you seem to be in exactly the same situation as me. When I get my account back from UA investigation, I'll make a thread about it seeing as both of us started our investigation at roughly similar times. It should hopefully give you a time frame at least.

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    Yup, looks like they got us both on the same day, 10/29.  Have you gotten the "we're looking at it" email from the investigations team?  I haven't.

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    I am almost at the 25 day mark and have not had A word from MS.

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    Have you called them?  The guy who called on day 25 and was told his investigation was stopped because they failed to properly put in his alternate email address on day 1, scares the crap out of me.  You might want to call them and make sure they have your alternate email right.

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    I am about to call again now on 1 month + 4 days I think.  See if they will light up my afternoon!

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    I have called 2x and made sure each time that they tell me the alt e-mail and console ID and everything.