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another account hacked

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So at around 7:30 this morning I get an e-mail saying with the subject line : Account Switch Confirmation. The message read:

      This mail is confirmation that you successfully switched your XBOX Live account from United States to Russia 

Of course, I am not in Russia and I did not ask to migrate my account. Which raises the first question. Why do I have to call customer service and pass a security interrogation to STOP paying for XBOX Live but someone can move my account to Russia and take my points with a few mouse clicks. The information they put in the erroneous account was clearly bogus like city fgdgsd and zip 123456. 

An interesting note for the group; this time they didn't use my points for FIFA. They spent it on RIFT which is apparently one of those MMORPGs for Windows.

They tried to suggest that I gave away my account information. I set this account up like 6 years ago. I don't play online games. I have never used my account information for anything online.  I have barely even used it on my XBOX. I put it in my XBOX when I set up the account and I only used prepaid cards for points to spend on DLC.

The email account associated with the Live ID was not compromised because it is a double forwarded g-mail account with dual authentication. 

So, I am out a few points... not too bad. The worst part is that my account is crippled and the thousands of points of DLC that I purchased before is being held in prison. 

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    Phishing?!?!? Are you kidding me? Maybe I didn't make myself clear in my first post.

    I have NEVER put my xbox live information into ANYTHING other than my console EVER.

    I made an e-mail just for this account. It is set to auto delete anything not from Microsoft. I can't rule out some sort of brute force attack against my password but I can guarantee I didn't give my information to anyone (and noone has access to my xbox).

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    same here 06/11/2011

    poitns have been well spent  =/

    Microsoft Points activity

    Summary for November, 2011

    Beginning points balance: 5,260

    Points used: -4,560

    Points added: 0

    Current points balance: 700

    Statement period:

    Current points balance: 700Microsoft Points

    Date Transaction description Details Type Amount Balance

    06/11/2011 AC Brotherhood Deluxe -- Игра -1,360Microsoft Points 700Microsoft Points

    06/11/2011 AC Brotherhood -- Игра -1,200Microsoft Points 2,060Microsoft Points

    06/11/2011 RIFT™ -- Игра -800Microsoft Points 3,260Microsoft Points

    06/11/2011 RIFT™ AoH CE -- Игра -1,200Microsoft Points 4,060Microsoft Points

    Beginning points balance: 5,260Microsoft Points

    Investigation Outstanding. German M$ Support confirmed that my account has been "hijacked" and they more or less confirmed its a known situation.( At least they didnt accuse me being a victim of pishing, as they did with others .... ) 

    Now suspended for 25 days .. but reading through the forum my chances seems to be limited as my gamertag has been transferred to russia ( in russia gamtertag transfers you )

    I wouldn't complain about my Achievements orso, as long as they are happy to transfer all items purchased incl. my stolen points to a new Gamterag

    Think about it MS ...

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    You guys ready to take some salt in your wounds?  I had preordered MW3 and didn't want to lose it, so I didn't cancel.  I got an email yesterday from Amazon after it had shipped offering me ... drum roll please ...

    $25 of of an Xbox Live Gold annual subscription card!

    But wait, there's more, I go to Amazon just for giggles and check to see what the Gold Box deal of the day is.  Are you ready for it?  Another drum roll...

    FIFA 12 for PS3!!

    If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'!

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    I got hacked as well last night. And I agree with Joshbringschaos. Ive been reading up on this and this has been happening for so long and MS or EA have never sent out notifications that this is going on. Or to protect you account. Pathetic these billion dollar companies are so incompetent. This looks to be common now. What does it take to get MS/EA's attention, does it have to be on the scale of PSN hacking  level?

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    Mine got hacked on 10/25 and I reported it the same day.  I just called again as my account still isn't suspended (just has purchasing blocked, and still migrated to Russia).

    The rep checked and just said the higher level investigators haven't got to it yet, and when they do I'll lose access to it.

    Again quoted the 25 business days to be totally done.  It has been 11 business days or so for me so far, so I've got at least a couple more weeks I guess.

    I'm not optimistic that it will be done by then given reports on here of 2-3 month waits for people who's account region got set to Russia or another country.

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    I've been reading on other forums that people whos investigation has gone over the suggested days have filed with the Better Business Bureau. And that their accounts have been given back to them in less than a day. Again, only make a complaint if the investigation has gone on for too long.

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    What other forums is this subject being discussed on?

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    Got hacked Thursday of last week.  10,000 MS points were spent on FIFA stuff from what I gather.  I noticed earlier that I got hacked the day after I signed up for a battlelog account for BF3.  Seeing as how FIFA and BF3 both are published by EA I don't think this is just a fluke.  Tried explaining to a tech rep at MS and the guy acted like he had never even heard of this going on (FIFA related account hacking).  

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    hmmm... i wonder is it related to video on youtube show people they can get free MS point and membership?

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    Ive seen those vids but never clicked them, I know theyre phish attempts.  And by reading around this doesnt seem to be a phishing scheme. Apparently its because EA accounts are linked to xbl gamertags. How Fifa ties into this, I have no idea. And apparently neither does MS or EA. Ridiculous

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    Zammy I appreciate your snide question. I really do.  But in the interest of this topic it's totally not needed.  This is something that has been going on for months and EA and MS both just stick their fingers in their ears and yell "la la la" at the top of their lungs.  Its easy to sit back and say its a phishing attempt when it hasn't happened to you.  In the event that it does I have no doubt you will be in here on your gold account singing the blues.

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    Zammysueria, while no doubt some people do get stung by such obvious attempts at phishing I think it's fairly clear that  there is something else going on here.

    From a customer service perspective I'm absolutely stunned that there aren't support representatives all over this thread! There's obviously a huge amount of people going through this, people waiting months with no answers and people who are still waiting for money to be refunded.

    Absolutely some of the worst service I've ever seen.

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    Zammy I love how people put there 2 cents in and don;t know what they are talking about.

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    wont be long before a mod closes this anyway and attempts to hide the poor service everyone is getting. 1 month + 5 days.....