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another account hacked

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So at around 7:30 this morning I get an e-mail saying with the subject line : Account Switch Confirmation. The message read:

      This mail is confirmation that you successfully switched your XBOX Live account from United States to Russia 

Of course, I am not in Russia and I did not ask to migrate my account. Which raises the first question. Why do I have to call customer service and pass a security interrogation to STOP paying for XBOX Live but someone can move my account to Russia and take my points with a few mouse clicks. The information they put in the erroneous account was clearly bogus like city fgdgsd and zip 123456. 

An interesting note for the group; this time they didn't use my points for FIFA. They spent it on RIFT which is apparently one of those MMORPGs for Windows.

They tried to suggest that I gave away my account information. I set this account up like 6 years ago. I don't play online games. I have never used my account information for anything online.  I have barely even used it on my XBOX. I put it in my XBOX when I set up the account and I only used prepaid cards for points to spend on DLC.

The email account associated with the Live ID was not compromised because it is a double forwarded g-mail account with dual authentication. 

So, I am out a few points... not too bad. The worst part is that my account is crippled and the thousands of points of DLC that I purchased before is being held in prison. 

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    Also waiting on any news of my own account hack.  And no I'm sure it wasn't phishing, that's a total BS statement to hide the likely fact that they don't know what's going on.

    I'm cancelling lots of games I had ordered because I have no idea what will/won't be erased from my account after the "investigation".

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    Just discovered that I've been hacked also.  Must admit that reading through this forum doesn't fill me with hope...!  Just sold my PS3 too.  Oh well, live and learn.

    Will keep you posted....

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    For those of you waiting on your account hacks, I have bad news for you.  My account was hacked on September 1st,  $125 worth of points charged to my card and then the account was transferred to Russia, all with a few mouse clicks.   I reported it within two hours of this happening.   As of today I still do not have my account back, and when you call to find out the status of your investigation, the very polite people on the phone can tell you nothing.  

    Apparently the security investigation unit is completely separate and has no contact “to prevent bias” or some such other like of crap.    The charges are still on my card and only after talking to a supervisor was the “25 business days” like dropped and I was told that she had seen these international transfer hacks take as long as 3 months or more.

    I am honestly just disgusted with the whole situation. At this point the snail’s speed of this service is unacceptable.   If I performed like this in my job, I’d be fired.   Sadly, all we can do is sit around and wait.

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    Just got hacked a few hours ago, about 100 bucks worth of MS points spent on RIFT. Doesn't look like any of my account details were changed though, just my PW.

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    Call your bank first if a credit card was used to cancel the card and dispute the charges.  Then call MS to open a UA investigation and get in the up to five month long line to see if MS will give you your money, points, and/or account back.  I'm a noob at day eleven, but there are people here who have been waiting months.

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    Why are you complaining after 11 days after being given the 25 day estimate? And before you say "it shouldn't take this long because I say so" don't you think if they could do it in the timeframe you're demanding they'd do it?

    Ryder Cup: 10-6 up and you blew it? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Oh wait you serious? Let me laugh even harder BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    No, because they are holding on to the money from the cards and keeping it to gain a month's interest.  It is MS's financial interest for these "investigations" to take as long as they do.  Say there are 10,000 people who have been hacked and their cards have been charged $100 each.  That's a million bucks.  Hold that for even one month at 3% interest (and MS can probably get a better deal) and that is $30,000 and they don't have to lift a finger to get it.  Do that 12 months and it is $360,000 for doing nothing.  Then there is the opportunity cost of money.  They have an extra million a month to do with whatever they please.  There is all sorts of incentives for delaying an "investigation".  

    And it isn't because "I say so".  Microsoft has set up a system that allows them to track console IDs and IPs.  The hack is a known scheme with a detectable pattern.  There is no way in the world anyone but the most incompetent ninny fresh off the turnip truck would spend more than five minutes confirming it was a hack -- and that is all they need to do to serve the customer.  Do try to focus on just that part when you reply.  Do not go off on the catching the hacker straw man. I don't care if they catch him.  Don't go off on the what ifs.  The ONLY thing they need to do for purposes of CUSTOMER SUPPORT is determine whether (not how, not who, not where) a UA occurred.

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    Sorry to offend people that get hack. In my experiences to hack somebody account they should now a few or more about people that they want to hack.

    Example 1 : close friend, sometime we share to them secret about our account. My opinion, never ever share to anybody except  your family.

    Example 2 : phishing - they act like they are the trustworthy entity but they not. So watch out about this X_X

    I feel bad too if i got hack... i know how you all feeling sometime i see customer support never know how to help people that been victim by this matter. I think they should put more security example u need a "secret code" to get into account not just password. Customer support should contact us if any attempt to change Country not just simply sent us a statement -> "Account Switch Confirmation. The message read: This mail is confirmation that you successfully switched your XBOX Live account from United States to Russia. Why they(CS) not think about this first? They should know, what on earth people want to change they Country Xbox at first place? They should create a new mechanism about country change may be a "secret code" should be implement.

    I hope Costumer Service fix their bad service when come to hacked thing, THAT WHAT WE PAY THEM AFTER ALL..... TO TAKE CARE OUR MATTER.

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    Finally, a thread with people that actually know what they're talking about when it comes to this issue. I was hacked a few months back, took about three weeks to get my account back with my points refunded. Not all that bad. However, my account is still stuck in Hungary, and there's absolutely no way to reverse the move due to "licensing issues". How in the world does this make any sense? Everything I've ever purchased for Xbox has been purchased in the United States, including HUNDREDS of arcade games which I'll never be able to download again if something happens to my hard drive. Also, my Windows phone is completely useless due to the fact that I don't have a Hungarian credit card to download games, so the hundreds of dollars I've spent on Windows Phone 7 games are out the window and won't be refunded.

    I take solace in the fact that Xbox LIVE gold at least (until they probably change it to mess with us even more) is region free, so I can easily go to the store to purchase an extension when my time is up. Also, I can use a second gamertag to download DLC/XBLA games if I choose to play on my real gamertag. Is it really necessary to jump through all these hoops just to play on their system? I have a pretty large gamerscore, so starting a new account isn't exactly something that I'm willing to do. I think this God awful attempt at customer service needs to be changed immediately and allow us to move our accounts to their rightful region. It seems like their messing with their "licensing issues" even more by having my account in Hungary even though I live in the United States.

    Here's an idea. If there's such a big deal with licensing, why even allow the transfer of regions to newly made regions? Instead of throwing your loyal fan base that has been hacked in one of your largest regions in the world to the side, make the people with new XBL regions make a new account instead of vice versa. It's kind of backwards if you ask me. I doubt I'll get a response to that question on here, though.

    Anymore of these unfair practices, I wouldn't be surprised to see a class action lawsuit get started. I'd gladly jump on that train in a heartbeat with all the content I've been pretty much exiled from.

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    When you migrate an account you forfeit all dlc licenses so you cannot download them again


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    Same exact thing happened to me. I called them and reported it on Oct. 2nd and here it is now and still nothing. I called last week and nothing.This is ridiculous they told me 25 days and it being day 39 and nothing has changed. I'm very angry with this whole situation. I'm about to call again and I'll see how that goes, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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    My hacked account finally got locked down yesterday (this is a new temp one I made with a free month to play MW3 and watch Netflix in the meantime).

    Reported on Oct 25th, so I'm still well within the 25 business days.  Hoping it gets resolved in that time frame as I want to get back to finishing Dragon Age 2 and some other games on my account and not put too much time into MW3 on this account.

    Not holding my breath though given how many people are waiting well beyond the 25 business days.

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    you have 2 days on me Blackjack.  I have hope that by the start of the year my account will be back!  Dam missing playing online

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    This seems like the biggest thread on the subject, so I just wanted to chime in that I got my account back today. The UAI was initiated Oct 19th. So, that's 16 business days not counting the 19th. My account had not been migrated, thankfully. I received 2 single-month codes from Xbox and when I went to put them in I found that my renewal date had actually been pushed back a month, so I got 3 months for 16 days out of service. A sucky couple weeks, but lucky timing with all the new releases this week and next. Oh, and I was out $124.98 from the hacker purchase, but PayPal reversed that by the 30th.

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    Fehronozova great to hear! Did you receive much communication from Xbox during the investigation?