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windows live messenge on xbox

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ok so i go to use the windows live on the xbox for the first time and it says cant sighn in....what do i do?


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    Hey there Basher! Can you elaborate on what you are seeing please. What is the full error code/message you are seeing when you try to sign in? Let us know, thanks!

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    Im getting the same as Basher has, it tells me tht I can not sign in and gives me error code 0X83118834

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    for future reference make your own thread instead of bumping one from 7 months ago thanks.

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    Hi Bigguy1595, please can you make a new thread and state whether or not you want to actually sign into MSN Messenger via your xbox or not please and then we can help you a lot more efficiently.

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    It is doing the same thing to me I need help

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    im having the same problem

    error code 0x83118834

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    Hello hotwheels14901!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread. We'd like to get more information from you about the issue - can you perhaps create a new thread ? That'd be great :D

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