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The Rep System

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Hey guys.

I've been having a few issues with the rep system lately.

First off all, it isn't false reviews against me, and me complaining, it's far from that.

It's a general enquiry. Is the xbox rep-system actually broken/down/unresponsive at this point in time? (and the last month)

It's a serious question I would like to know, it's driving me crazy.

Please do not post saying 'you'll get rep over time etc, I do know this and trust me, somethings wrong

I'd like to also add, I've seen quite a few requests about this topic, as it seems i'm not the only one suffering.

I created this account around just under 2 months ago, I think. You know usually, when you're on a new account, you add your mates, get them to good review you and BAM! 5 stars there! sometimes it's there without even a day on the account. Well I've had my account for over a month now, with a counted total of 40+ good player reviews.

Yes I know the rep system is flawed, but it's never been like this before, and yes I know it's pointless.

But it's starting to drive me crazy. It looks incomplete without the 5 stars. FYI (and I know it's pointless) but I do have 85% preferred and 15% avoided.

We all know it used to take a minimum of 5 players to rep you and a solid night of multiplayer and it was there, but now, it actually feels legit broken.

So I decided to go to some investigating.

If you were ever in one of those moods to just randomly look in your recent players and give them good rep (i do it everynow and then) well I have been

So for the past week, before I go to bed each night, I've scouted my recent players list and seen any accounts with 3 stars, and I'd give them all good rep. 


I did it for 60+ gamers. And not one of them starts budged a bit! Each of their accounts didn't increase at all in rep.

Now that is bizzare. It's never been like this.

And again, I know that the rep system is flawed, but this is definitely a glitch, or something.

One last thing, a few people I know, who have made new accounts recently, for MW3 and GoW3 clan matches, all of their accounts are within 2 months old too, and all have 3 starts rep. It seems like the rep system has frozen?

All I want to know is will it get fixed and will I get my 5 stars :/

Also, please don't reply with 'just keep playing online' I'm 3rd prestige on Mw3 and Lv90 on Gears 3, and Lv30 on Battlefield.

I've played heaps, and have 95 friends too.              Thanks for your time!

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    You can try to recover the profile and see if this will correct the problem.

    If this does not fix the problem, please start a new thread for others to help you better :)

    Banana? + mEouse? =

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    i do know for a fact that the rep system is automatic, the system gives you 5 stars itself

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    i do agree that the 5 star rep needed to be harder to attain but i think its frozen

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    did anyones stars go up

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    lol no of course not. let me help you real quick

    "we are investigating" => "go away please"

    xbox has no support staff in place for anything. your only help is that for some flukey reason they accidentally fix it the way it was accidentally broken

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    I also have this same problem and am from the UK so it would seem to be a global issue. I've had my account since Modern Warfare 2 when I first bought the xbox and have played online quite a lot since then (MW3/BF3 etc). I've also had at least 5 people rate me as a 'preferred player' and yet my reputation has never moved from 3 stars. I rated one of my friends using the same process and his reputation instantly went up to 4 1/2 stars from 3 (he was already on my friends list too). From my statistics I have a 100% preferred player rating so that isn't in any way responsible for my lack of stars either.

    I know that in the grand scheme of things Rep means little but like everyone else who's experiencing this problem, it's really frustrating as your profile just looks plain wrong compared to everyone elses! I honestly don't expect MS to actually bother to fix this problem, but suffice to say Metapod, Deppers and are definitely not alone!

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    "I honestly don't expect MS to actually bother to fix this problem"


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    I remember back in the day when you could just get a friend to repeatedly prefer you after a match and you got 5 stars in bout 10minutes. Those were the days.

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    it sad the dont even care i like the way. box was 2 years ago

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    RIP xbox

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    lol bump. My thread has recieved no more "Support" so thought I would post here.  "I remember back in the day when you could just get a friend to repeatedly prefer you after a match and you got 5 stars in bout 10minutes. Those were the days."

    I remember those days too I had played one match of halo 3 on my old account and recieved full rep... Even my friend who plays nothing but mw3 every day for at least 12 hours is still stuck on 3 stars so you cant tell me its based on how often you play on live as his xbox is almost never not online playing Cod?

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    I guess all these forums are for is a place for people to find compfort in sharing anecdotal evidence of how broken xbox is, I doubt there is even one person on here that can actuall help. Rather it gets "passed on", "escalated" etc etc.

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    they just want to find ways to make money, they just stopped caring for customer satisfaction anymore:(

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    Yeh i have that problem as well =) me and my friend have it but if xbox say there sorting it i guess there sorting it :)

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    If you want you can add me and i will know asap if one of my stars increases also Metapod my rep is 90% prefered and 10% avoided so we seem to be in the same situation. Im also frustraited about this problem it makes your profile feel so empty and hopeless even if you have a high gamerscore.In responce to all the other comments i dont think Microsoft would just ignore the problem it might just take some time to fix so dont worry because your not the only person who is affected by this so in the meantime just dont worry about it because its not as if everyones going to laugh because it seems all the people who have got a xbox/made a new account are in the same boat =) it will get fixed

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    ITS BROKEN. Its that simple. And microsoft wont do jack ***.

    Remember those account "hacks". Microsoft blames phishing scams and other end user related faults. Do you still believe them? If they cant even keep a simple system like this up and running (or even be aware of its broken state), how can they say that their network is secure?