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How do I delete an xbox live account

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I have like 4 accounts that my friend created on all my email adresses and i really want to delete them any way i can? Not just delete off my xbox i want to delete them so they no longer exist.

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    you cannot once an account is created it is on the LIVE servers only thing you can do is delete them off of your hard drive or storage device.

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    Dave is correct, you cannot remove it from Xbox Live but you can remove it from your hard drive to where you never see it again. To do this, follow these instructions:

    Go to your Xbox Dashboard -> Move all the way over to System Settings -> Storage -> Hard Drive -> Gamer Profiles -> (Your profile name to delete) -> Delete.

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    Well i would use them and what not but my friend forgot the passwords so i cant recover them or anything.

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    The only thing you could do is pretty much close your windows Live account that your gamertag is on and you can do that by going to and select "Close your account"

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    sucks how you cant delete accounts

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    You could always call support and request the account be deleted, but I think what they do is just remove any personal info from the account and leave it blank and unable to be used. This is just a wild suggestion though and I'm not 100% sure they can even do that!

    Good luck!

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    I just want to put note that this post is 5 Months Old

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    you are right :)