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I forgot my password. I need help.

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The gamertag is: I use Lancer. I've had my account for about 5 years now, and I haven't really known my password seeing as my friend had helped me and he put the password in 5 years ago. He also put the security question and and answer which I do not know. I've tried to get help with my password multiple times but I have never succeeded. I give you the info I believe is correctly on my account, but I always get the response, "We cannot verify you are the owner of the account." So what I was thinking was what if I messaged someone that could help me get my password on Xbox Live on my account that I need the password for. Like I could go get on my xbox and send you a message from my account that I need the password for. Wouldn't that show ownership? Like could I message you saying, "Could I please be told my password for this Windows Live ID?" Isn't that ownership? I really just want my password so I can get stuff from Xbox Live Rewards. I can also tell how much microsoft points are on my account, there is no credit card(I could probably put one on though if it helped), the name, number, address, state, city, my download history. I just really want my password. Thanks.

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    Only phone support would be able to verify ownership, but they don't keep passwords on file. The only thing you can do is reset the password, but if you don't know the information I'm not sure if you'll be able to do that.

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    I have to have the info to reset it. I mean, I'm on my account on my xbox, why do I need to put in my password to change it when I'm already on my account? It sucks!

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    No one can give you your 5-yr-old password...not even MS.  It would be stupid to allow thousands of support people access to your "secret" password.  I can't really make sense of your post...did you pass the account verification?  If so, you can simply reset the password to something you can remember....and don't let anyone else do it for you since you have already found out that was a bad idea.  If you did not, you just have to keep took me some 6 months and several tries before I passed the test.  You will not get the password from will just have to change it if you can gain access to your account.

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    Being on an account does not prove ownership.  Would you want a friend to be able to sign in to your account on your Xbox and change your password without requiring the password to do that?


    As far as the account is concerned, if you can't prove account ownership, Xbox support won't be able to assist you.  You can try doing a password reset on  If they can't assist you then you're out of luck unfortunately.


    What I don't understand is how did you get past the winter dashboard update THAT REQUIRED YOU TO PUT YOUR PASSWORD IN to proceed?  In order to agree to the updated terms of use you needed your password, so while you claim you forgot it since it had been 5 years, you also mention messaging other people which requires being online to do that.  Something here isn't adding up to me.

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    I need my password

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    Hey there LimpSet,

    This thread is back from January.

    Please create your own thread and explain your support issue and we'll be happy to assist you.