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Xbox Live Account and Unpaid Balance

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So in January of this year XBOX informed me that my Gold membership was ending at the end of the month and that I needed to renew. Well I didn't have the funds at the time and the credit card I had on file was no longer in use. Here is my problem.

Why does it say I have an outstanding balance of 59.99 when I paid for the year before and didn't renew my subscription. On top of that I cant use the deals they are using atm to do 1 or 2 dolarrs fot 1 or 2 months because of the balance.


How can you charge me for something I haven't been able to use all year. I already paid for last year and when I couldn't renew with my credit card they still put a balance on my account to pay.

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    if auto renew is turned on MS will attempt to charge the card when the next installment is due.  it is not MS fault the card is no good or the funds are not there.  for future reference, turn off the auto renew by calling support so they do not try to attempt to charge a card that is not valid or funds not in that account.

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    Here is the thing though. I want to sign up again, but don't have 59.99 to do it. They have a deal now I want, but why should I have to pay the 59.99 for a service they don't allow me to use because of this balance. It would be like a magazine company charging me money for magazines they weren't sending me. Do they take away that balance?

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    you need to pay off the outstanding balance before you can switch to any other deal

    no this is for a membership going forward

    you are 27+ days into your current membership fee


    magazines charge you before they send the magazines

    like xbox they give you a brief period before they suspend you

    you would be about 27+ days into the 1 year that you are supposed to pay for


    you can stack memberships


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    I can understand this balance if they allowed me to play for the full year and then wanted the money. If after the year I don't want it anymore, my card is not valid, or I don't have the funds then you can have the balance because you allowed me to use your product without me paying. How do you charge someone 59.99 without giving them the service. Microsoft is charging me for something I haven't received or purchased. How does something auto renewal and when there is no money they hold the balance on your account? I owe 60 dollars while not being subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.  

    You say a membership going forward. How can some one legally charge you for something that you haven't even agreed to renew. The balance is based off of nothing. I can understand if I played for a year then had to pay. They charge me 59.99 just assuming I want a 12 year membership again. If the money isn't there then we go our separate ways and I don't owe anything because I didn't receive anything the next year. I haven't been able to play on Gold since my subscription ended. So what exactly should I pay for when I didn't sign up for another year?  

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    it is based on the 1 year you have received

    you are 27days in non payment

    when yoiu get suspended you are already into the membership

    suspension does not occur till 27 days of decline meaning 27days ago you renewed


    if after 27 days you do not uphold your end of the terms of use

    you will be suspended till you pay off the balance

    they will not wait 1 year for you to pay off the balance


    also you did sign up for a year

    please read the terms of use

    when you purchase a new promotion or a new membership there is 2 notes

    1 underneath the price (this is upto you to read)

    this membership will renew

    2nd in the terms of use

    inorder to have a billing account you must keep your billing info upto date


    if you do not wish to have renewal simply call support and turn off autorenewal before the renewal date or skip all the free games and discounted membership fees and stick with prepaid membership cards





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    That is not true. When I first signed up they took the 59.99 out of my account for 1 year. After that one year I am no longer allowed the service until I pay again.

    My subscription was up  4-5 months ago and I never renewed. Yet they still charge me for a service I can't use because I never subscribed. I have no idea where you get 27 days ago. I never authorized a renewal because I didn't have the funds. I signed up for a 1 year membership in January or February of 2010. One year later it was over and I no longer got the service. So how do I still owe them for an assumption Microsoft made in thinking I wanted another year?

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    memberships do stack so if you purchase prepaid membership cards they only delay renewals so if you add 1month and a 3 month membership you would have 4months added before your renewal date

    after the prepaid membership ended you will be back on renewal

    you are also sent 3-4 emails before the renewal date warning you that you will renew (if you are going into suspension yuou will receive declined payment emails)

    you can check this at


    please read the terms of use


    6.2.  Payment.  When you create a billing account, you enter your payment method.  You must be authorized to use the payment method.  You authorize us to charge you for the Service and for any paid feature of the Service that you or the user of any associated account choose to use while this contract is in force using your payment method.  We may bill (a) in advance; (b) at the time of purchase; (c) shortly after purchase; or (d) on a recurring basis for subscription services.  Also, we may charge you up to the amount you have approved. See Section 6.5 below for information regarding price changes.


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    They took the 59.99 out when I did it. This is what they did and I know why they did it. The problem is it is wrong.

    In 2010 of January or February I signed up for one year. The money was then taken out of my account. After the 1 year was up I never renewed. Microsoft automatically renewed me with my credit card no longer valid so they didn't allow me the service anymore.

    Here is the part that is wrong. Why are they charging me a year subscription on my account when I never received a years worth of Xbox Live Gold. I already paid for my previous year and the money was taken from my account and given to Microsoft in 2010. In 2011 I never received Gold, but because of the auto renewal I got charged for a year they I am not allowed to play.

    Answer me this.....

    If I don't receive the service how can I owe someone money?

    It would be like me paying Microsoft to fix my car. If you don't fix my car how are you going to charge me 59.99 when I never received your service.

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    if you didn't call to cancel or you weren't on xbox live till now of course you wouldn't see the suspension till now

    btw 4-5months into a billing suspension for payment option you are going to have to call xbox support and ask that the write off be removed by payment

    or if you added prepaid memberships

    it only delays a renewal


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    I got the suspension in January. I just didn't know until now I owed 59.99 for a service Microsoft hasn't allowed me to use since it ran out.

    The problem is I owe 59.99 for this year because of the auto renewal. If they allowed me to play since January I can understand this. However that hasn't been the case. I haven't been using their service or have had a subscription with them.  My 2010 subscription was paid for last year. I still don't understand how you are allowed to keep a 59.99 charge on an account when

    A. Their contract/subsection with you ended and your 1 year was already paid for


    B. They don't allow you the service for 2011 ( which is what the 59.99 charge is for ), but still want you to pay for a full year worth of service.

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    you did receive 1 year of service the problem is you didn't pay them for it


    this is where you get the outstanding balance

    when the suspension occurs you weren't suspended 1 day into the contract

    you were suspended 27days into the contract

    4-5months later you still are in suspension and they are asking for payment for the remaining period

    when you pay off the balance you will receive the remaining 11months

    6.8.  Canceling the Service.  You may cancel the Service at any time, with or without cause.  Go to to obtain information on cancelling your Service.  Some Service offers may require you to pay cancellation charges as stated in the materials describing the offer.  Your cancellation of the Service won’t alter your obligation to pay all charges made to your billing account.

    6.9.  Late Payments. Except as prohibited by law, we may assess a late charge if you do not pay on time.  You must pay these late charges when we bill you for them.  The late charge will be the lesser of 1% of the unpaid amount each month or the maximum rate that is permitted by law.  We may use a third party to collect past due amounts.  You must pay all reasonable costs we incur to collect any past due amounts, including reasonable attorneys' fees and other legal fees and costs.  We may suspend or cancel your Service if you fail to pay in full on time.


    btw they don't really charge late fees but the language is there

    you will not be able to use the account till you pay off the balance

    or they write off the account in which case you will never be able to use the same card again



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    What year did they give me then that I am not understanding? What was the 59.99 then taken out of my bank account in January of 2010 when I signed up. The problem isn't last year. The problem is their stupid auto renewal system charging me 59.99 for 2011 when I didn't have the funds.

    What it is is they want their money for 2011 not 2010. I fully paid my 2010 like I have said. They wanted to charge me for 2011 ( auto renewal ) which would have allowed me to continue to play online after January. However the credit card was no longer valid. So instead of both sides walking away from a 1 year contract they are charging me for a service I haven't received from them because of auto renewal.  

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    so in jan 2011 they tried to renew for 59.99

    it is UPTO you to cancel before the renewal

    in feb 2011 after they couldn't charge you you lose ACCESS to the account till you pay for the 1 year that they attempted to charge you

    4-5months later you still are in suspension

    just like any other unpaid bill you cannot use the service till you pay the balance

    this is the same with any service if you do not pay your bills you can never use service again till you do


    or you can make a brand new gamertag in which case you will have ot start over


    however you may want to call support

    they may or may not lift the suspension since its been in write off status



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    on a side note since you are silver

    my guess you are in write off status

    however you will have to contact billing support over the phone and  pay off the balance as stated by the terms of use and the previous guy who put up the suggested answers

    (noone on forums can remove billing issues)


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    I did the entertainment for all contract my bank card was compromised and and I paid a year and a half of the 2 year contract now it is locked and written off and even though I tried to pay for the subscription they will not unlock it they are rip offs