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Error 801540B7 when trying to download profile on xbox360 AND when trying to access family center PLUS unable to connect to xbox live through my profile

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After the most recent update I am unable to access xbox live from my console, AND I am unable to access the Family Center on xBox live AND I can't download my profile.

The first notice of this was when I tried to access the Family Center on and got THIS ERROR MESSAGE. 


I tried to access the family center online and got this error message when trying to access family center.

I contacted support via chat (Issue 1171325077).  Chatted with Josh S.

Support agent told me to login to my console and try to access the family center from there.  I did so, and was informed that before connecting to xbox live I had to perform an update.  I performed the update.

After the update and a reboot of the console, I tried to access xbox live on my console.  I got an error message "Can't connect to xbox live.  Test your connection... etc."

I performed a test and the test was successful in connecting from my console to xbox live.

Agent told me to download my profile.  When trying to download my profile, xbox console said it can't perform the download and gave me an error code : 801540B7

Agent asked if there were any yellow alerts on my xbox or profile.  No.

Agent had me try other browsers.  I tried Safari, Firefox and IE8 and all got the same message when trying to access the family center.

Agent had me log into and change password.  I did that.  Agent had me go back to console and download profile again... changed password to the new one.  Got the same error message regarding downloading profile: 801540B7

Agent had me power cycle my modem and xbox.  That did nothing to fix any problems.  Still can't login to xbox live, still can't download profile.

Had to start a new chat session (first session took 90 minutes) because or power cycling.

Next agent (Cathy R) said it's a known issue but there is no fix.  Offered me a 30 day gold membership.

I refered agent to THIS FORUM POSTING BY MISS PORTIA because it talks about how this was solved for a bunch of folks.

Agent checks out the post.

Agent has me delete my Profile (only) and try to download my profile again.  This doesn't work and I still get the 801540B7 error.  NOW I DON'T HAVE MY PROFILE AT ALL :-(

Agent speaks with supervisor.

I let the agent know this is 3 hours of my time now.  She says she will escalate this and collects my contact info telling me it may be 15 DAYS until I hear from someone.


I contact Miss Portia on xbox forums via a personal message.  She answers me in 1 day (thanks!).  She recommends my checking my for errors.  I don't have any errors.  Nothing is missing.  I let her know.

It's been 2 days and I've not heard back.  No one in my family can use their account.  So instead of waiting, I'm trying my own thread hoping that someone will actually read my thread and help me. 

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    Hey there Daddy! I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. First, your profile download issue, we are looking in to this issue (EC 801540B7) already. We'll make sure to check back in on the forums once we have any more information regarding the progress of the investigation.

    In addition to that, other users on your home console are not able to connect to LIVE either, correct? What do they experience when they try to sign in to LIVE? Also, if you could try downloading these profiles to another console to see if that helps, it might help us narrow down the cause. Please let us know, thanks!

    Xbox Community Ambassadors Team
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    Both of our home consoles are down.  Neither of the consoles can connect to xBox live nor can they download profiles.  It seems like it's entirely a server side/back end issue.  Hope that helps.

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    unfortunately, nothing positive to add, though i wish i had something to add.

    my family account has been experiencing the same issue as you and have started this thread:

    the 4th agent i have chatted with finally offered me a suspension of my account so that time won't be lost and the suspension will be noted on the account as customer requested so i may lift the suspension any time i wanted.  it also took the 4th agent to offer me a 1 month code while the other 3 were less helpful.  the catch being, the one month code only applies to 1 account and not the family, when asked about the others, since we are losing time simultaneously, it appears each account holder needs to contact support agents

    so i guess the i can add something positive, being contact the agent and ask for a user requested suspension, that will save your family gold plan some time

    best of luck

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    Nippaz... thanks for your message.  We're going on 10 days now and still no resolution.  This is exactly why I am reluctant to trust the cloud, especially Microsoft's 360 or skydrive.  I can't imagine having documents unavailable for this period of time.  It also makes me reluctant to rely on the Xbox platform for my primary entertainment vehicle.  I've seen posts where it took over a month for them to resolve this error.  You would think Microsoft would set up a process to fix the accounts or at least offer a way to restore the account information to a new account.  At the very least, I would imagine they would do something to make the customer feel important.  While the individual reps are nice and I appreciate what they are trying to do, they aren't very able to do much more than touch base.  It seems like the only way to gain any leverage is to contact media outlets and social sites and start spreading the word so that Microsoft feels some sort of exposure and vulnerability.  Maybe we should start a campaign, no?

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    I hear you on the reliance on the xbox platform.  I guess it's just karma coming full round on me since I was openly making fun of how Anonymous took down the PS network.

    I just don't understand how an issue like this goes on for weeks/months without something getting fixed.  It just baffles me.  I mean if it happened to a server I manage, I would just chalk it up to my amateur status, but this is MICROSOFT for crying out loud.  If their product is having issues, you would think it wouldn't take much time at all to fix.  At the very least, crappy cable companies like Cox offer you the entire month of service once an outage occurs.  I had to initiate a negotiation for my account's time lost, why did I even need to negotiate that?  Shouldn't that have been automatic?  The agent couldn't even retro my outage time, just (1) one month code good for (1) of the 4 accounts on the family plan.  The other account holders needed to contact them individually.  Why?

    As for campaigning against them, I feel kinda wrong to use their resources as a medium for starting a campaign.  However I am not stating I am against this.  We have been asked by Mr Fitzer to give it until the 22nd and that is what I will do.  I can be supportive of your position as this has been going on longer for you than it has me, but come the 1 month mark and still no resolution, trust me, some social outlet is going to hear about this.  I have documented all but one of my chat logs and I'm being as patient as possible while trying to stay reasonable.  I just hope Microsoft meets me half way.  I know I can't ask you to wait that much longer, since you are on day 10 and I am on day 6, we'll meet half way at day 8 and give them 22 more days to resolve this.

    The idea that I had to propose a voluntary account suspension to prevent time lost on my account is rediculous at best, this should have been automatically taken care of.

    Best of luck to you.  I really loved the Xbox platform and didn't mind paying for the online experience.  However if the experience remains as it is now, there isn't really any desire to remain loyal if the appreciation is not reciprocated.

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    Nippaz... thanks for your message.  I think that when our accounts are fixed Microsoft will extend to us an extension of our service.  It is unfortunate that they don't do it up front, but my guess is the lawyers say they can't do that because it is alike offering an implied warranty and therefore they have to credit everyone for downtime.  

    We enjoy the service, as well, but this type of downtime is something so unacceptable in today's world... especially when it comes to the simple act of maintaining a person's account.  I can see a day, or 2 days, but a month shows a serious problem in the company's systems.  I'm sure a journalist will finally pick up on this and it will take someone threatening the reputation of Microsoft before they take this more seriously and address it with some focus.  Unfortunately we're just stuck below the radar screen.

    Let's see how the next few days go.

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    about that, so 2 days ago, chat agent tony c asked me to have my family contact xbox live for 1 month codes for time lost/inconvenience.  when my cousin called, they denied him.  i chat with another agent and surprise surprise, their customer support system is down and cannot access my account!

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    Ok, I'm now at day 12 without access to xBox Live.  My son uses xBox LIve to stay in touch with his friends and to spend time with them online.  I've not heard from anyone at Microsoft in the last 5 days.  A quick update from someone would be very appreciated.  

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    Hey all - again, we do apologize for the inconvenience while we investigate this issue and work to resolve it! However, I can assure you we feel your pain when it comes to being without your account, and sincerely are doing everything we can to get you all back online as soon as possible. We hope to have an update for you all very soon, but until then, we genuinely thank you for your continued patience!

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    Thanks Miss Portia... I appreciate the follow-up.  You are doing your job and doing it well.  I know you can't directly control what resources get allocated to help us out.  But to me this is an excessive amount of time to wait to have my account working.  If my phone stops working, I get immediate assistance.  If my internet goes down, I usually see results in 2-3 hours or they send someone out to fix the problem.  If my blog goes down, it's rarely more than a 1/2 a day to fix.

    Professionally, I work in IT and manage multi-million dollar software projects.  I understand software, systems, databases, and multi-tiered environments.  There is nowhere else in my life either as a consumer or software professional where I have ever had to wait 15 days to have an account that I pay for restored.  There has never been a system I can recount where users could not access it for more than hours.  I realize this is a gaming platform, but for many this is also a communications platform.  It's the way that kids hangout and socialize.  It is a way that families connect with distant loved ones.  And it is a platform which I felt I could trust because of the integrity of the company behind it.

    It has only been your regular contact that mitigated my annoyance from becoming something more.  But, a polite and regular response is not a solution nor is it transparent and honest communication about what is really going on.  It is obvious this is a pervasive issue and we are not the first to encounter it.  There is a solution that has worked for others and the knowledge is there to fix this.  This is not a matter of "looking into it"... the problem is already understood and the solution is available.  And being reassured by terms like "investigation" and "working to resolve" is ok for a few days, but not for weeks.  

    My request is you escalate this issue above your immediate manger and have them contact me or post to this forum and give us a more informed response.  

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    Hey Devious, thank you for your post, and again, our deepest apologies not only for this issue, but that the issue is still ongoing. We believe we've identified the source of the issue, and we're now working on resolving it. :-) Again, I'm afraid I don't have more specifics to share about this issue at this time.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Hey Fitzer... I appreciate that fact that you and your peers keep checking back and touching base.  I would still appreciate response from a manager who can give me more details and help me to understand why this is taking so long.  It seems so reeediculous from my perspective that we're approaching 3 weeks on something so basic as getting my family's account back up and running so we can use xBox live.

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    Hey Devious, I'm afraid that I don't have a manger who can post here (I'm actually the service manager for the support forums). Also, I'm afraid that we cannot release technical details relating to service issues. Again, I understand that this situation is highly disagreeable, and I will update this thread as soon as I get the word that the issue's been resolved.

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement

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    Fitzer... thanks for the response.  I started this process on 2/12.  It's now 3/5.  We're soon going to hit a month of our family account being down.  I am looking for a plan, a commitment, a resolution, some substance.  I don't need to know the technical details... just information that explains what is a reasonable expectation to get this resolved.  If I was told at the outset... this will take a month, then I can accept that.  But weeks of delay with empathetic but unsubstantial responses is not acceptable to me.  There is no greater certainty to me today that I'm closer to a resolution then I was 3 weeks ago.  I'm glad you understand how disagreeable this is for my family, but empathy is not a solution.  By investing $600 in two gaming consoles, a $150 motion sensitive camera, a $100 annual service, many, many $60 video games and $100's of Xbox Live Points, I had thought I was a pretty good customer and that a disabled account would be treated with the highest priority and importance.  I guess I was wrong.

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    Hey Devious, I'm definitely sorry about this, which I know isn't what you want to hear right now. Unfortunately, I don't have any information outside of what's been provided. The engineering team hasn't provided me with any details as to the source of this issue or the resolution, otherwise I would definitely post them here. Again, I'm very sorry I don't have any more info.

    Also, please check your PMs. :-)  

    Mister Fitzer - Xbox Community Engagement