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Error 801540B7 when trying to download profile on xbox360 AND when trying to access family center PLUS unable to connect to xbox live through my profile

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After the most recent update I am unable to access xbox live from my console, AND I am unable to access the Family Center on xBox live AND I can't download my profile.

The first notice of this was when I tried to access the Family Center on and got THIS ERROR MESSAGE. 


I tried to access the family center online and got this error message when trying to access family center.

I contacted support via chat (Issue 1171325077).  Chatted with Josh S.

Support agent told me to login to my console and try to access the family center from there.  I did so, and was informed that before connecting to xbox live I had to perform an update.  I performed the update.

After the update and a reboot of the console, I tried to access xbox live on my console.  I got an error message "Can't connect to xbox live.  Test your connection... etc."

I performed a test and the test was successful in connecting from my console to xbox live.

Agent told me to download my profile.  When trying to download my profile, xbox console said it can't perform the download and gave me an error code : 801540B7

Agent asked if there were any yellow alerts on my xbox or profile.  No.

Agent had me try other browsers.  I tried Safari, Firefox and IE8 and all got the same message when trying to access the family center.

Agent had me log into and change password.  I did that.  Agent had me go back to console and download profile again... changed password to the new one.  Got the same error message regarding downloading profile: 801540B7

Agent had me power cycle my modem and xbox.  That did nothing to fix any problems.  Still can't login to xbox live, still can't download profile.

Had to start a new chat session (first session took 90 minutes) because or power cycling.

Next agent (Cathy R) said it's a known issue but there is no fix.  Offered me a 30 day gold membership.

I refered agent to THIS FORUM POSTING BY MISS PORTIA because it talks about how this was solved for a bunch of folks.

Agent checks out the post.

Agent has me delete my Profile (only) and try to download my profile again.  This doesn't work and I still get the 801540B7 error.  NOW I DON'T HAVE MY PROFILE AT ALL :-(

Agent speaks with supervisor.

I let the agent know this is 3 hours of my time now.  She says she will escalate this and collects my contact info telling me it may be 15 DAYS until I hear from someone.


I contact Miss Portia on xbox forums via a personal message.  She answers me in 1 day (thanks!).  She recommends my checking my for errors.  I don't have any errors.  Nothing is missing.  I let her know.

It's been 2 days and I've not heard back.  No one in my family can use their account.  So instead of waiting, I'm trying my own thread hoping that someone will actually read my thread and help me. 

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    Check my thread please :D

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    Devious, you had stated that your accounts all of a sudden started working again...i was wondering if you had an elite account for mw3 on any of your family member's accounts that just expired.

    Thank you.

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    Been over 1 month on flameforce8000... I closed the live ID I thought I could somehow link it to another email but that didn't work and now I lost it !!!!!!!! I want my flameforce8000 account BAAAAAACCKKKKKKK !!!!!! I just lost all my points and my membership !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please find a way !!!!!!!

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    Greetings, EnemyCarePackage! If I understand correctly you closed the LIVE ID for your flameforce gamertag. Is that correct? If so, I would encourage you to get in touch with phone support for your region. They should be able to help you sort out the issue. Keep us posted!

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    i have this exact problem

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    Greetings, Nathy. Since this thread is quite old I'd like to ask you to please create a new thread detailing out your exact situation and the troubleshooting steps you have tried thus far. This will enable us to provide you with the best support possible. Thanks in advance! Standing by.

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