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Changing account AGE settings

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If you would bother to look at my Windows Live I.D, it would show you that I am (just about)a 49 year-old, not a teenager, and I would really like to change my settings so I could be able to actually download demos. Unfortunately, there are no options on the dashboard to do this, so I come here asking, how, and where do I do this? In advance, thanks for the help.

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  • There is no way to change the age of an account once it's created. If the account is 18 or over you can promote the account to an adult account -

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    Well I hope you guys come up with a change soon, otherwise I'm going to have to apparently wait 4 years.

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    Are you part of a Family Gold Plan? If yes and you are not the primary account holder then your account is automatically assigned as a child account. It is a known issue with the FGP and the only workaround at this time is to remove yourself from it, but that would also mean if you want to access XBL, for online matchmaking, you would need to purchase a seperate subscription for the account. If no then it is possible you entered the wrong information in your birthdate section when you created your account. If that is the case you only have two options; a) wait until the account reaches 18 years of age or b) create a new account with the correct information entered. 


    Just an FYI nothing is transferable from one account to another.

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    go to and change your age

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    first do not bump posts from almost 8 months ago, second once age is set it CANNOT BE CHANGED, only promoted to an adult account when it reaches 18 or older.

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    i Am extremely frustrated with this, i bought my brother Battlefield 3 and you apparently need to be 18 or over to play online. i basically just wasted about 50 dollars on a game that he cant use...

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    ESRB ratings are ENFORCED by law now

    you cannot bypass the laws of the land ITz


    and no you can never change the age of an account think about how many legal liabilities that would create

    parental settings are set for a reason

    to prevent children from doing things they aren't supposed to