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Switching email associated with Xbox live account to a non windows live email

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I was wondering if it is possible to have my Xbox live account linked to my gmail. I currently have my live linked to my old hotmail, but it is sending out horrible amounts of spam. I want to delete my hotmail account and just set up my live to my gmail, but I haven't seen any possible ways to do this. Can someone please help me?\


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    Yes you can change the email associated with your LIVE.  Try reading some of the steps here to help you out.

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    You didn't read the whole post apparently. Is there a way to associate my Xbox Live with a gmail?

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    Yea, If you follow the steps to change your WILD information. You could also just log in to your account and change your email address from your profile information.

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    What you'll need to do is actually link your GMail account to Windows Live first, by signing up your gmail account to Windows Live.  Go here:   Enter your gmail address and create a password, create a security question (and please for the love of all that is good, don't put pizza.   Actually make it something secure and not easily guessed while also something you will always know).    Once that is created, then use the following link for the steps on how to change the Windows Live ID on your Xbox account to the Gmail Account: