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sharing microsoft points with another gamertag

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first, i am unsure if this is in the right place, so if it isn't could one of the mods please move it to the appropriate forum?

my question is this, my wife and i both have our own accounts, so we are paying for 2 xbox live accounts, i bought points for the purpose of gamertag changes, i bought a prepaid card for this. i put the points on my wife's tag, and would like to transfer points to my tag for a name change as well, only i don't know how to do this. if you could point me in the right direction, i would truly appreciate it?

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  • MS points can only be transferred to another account if they are part of a family plan if you are not part of a family plan then you cannot move them.

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    Unless you are a part of the Family Gold Plan the only account that can use any ms points is the account the points are redeemed/purchased with. So if you want points for your account you will need to purchase another points card.