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Confused about license shareing

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Ok here's teh deal my friend an I were gonna share DLC via licences transfer which was up today, but when he went to it said he had already did an extended the time, I was wondering how does he get his licence transfer back??? an no im not the one with the prob my friends Gamertag is Phineas Mason, an were both confused on wat happend. Any assistance would be great, an thanks.

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    If your friend attempted a license transfer and it did not complete, he will need to contact Phone Support. You can reach them by following the prompts here:

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    If I am understanding you correctly, your friend has a console and you have a console.  Your friend is going to do a license transfer to your console to download his DLC to it and you are going to do a license transfer to his console to download your DLC to his.

    Be aware that this can be taken as marketplace theft and could end up with your gamertags and/or consoles being banned from live.

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    It is we didnt know that..... you see we saw a friend of ours do it with his GF an didnt know if it was or well atleast he didnt say it was....... Thanks for the save though didnt want to get into trouble....