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Getting Xbox Gold without entering Billing Info

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Hey guys so i'm fairly new to this all but here is the jist of what has happened...A parent already has Xbox Live on their account but their free trail ran out and I decided that I wanted to earn all my own achievements on my own gamertag so I have set up my own Love account. I was offered the 30 day free trail but when it came to getting it I had to enter Billing information... I know for the parent account I had to do no such thing so why do I have to enter it now when I'm under as teen for a start off and won't have a credit card or paypal as I'm not old enough as well as I refuse to enter any billing information as I will be using codes for my gold membership and auto renewal will remain turned off. Is there anyway I can get gold on my gamertag without having to enter any personal billing information?
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    Yes click not at this time


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    It was updated so the trials automatic turn into an auto renew. This was changed in february. Which is why it only now is asking versus when you created the account before.

    You will still need to enter your personal details such as name, phone number and address. That is in order to verify your account if you have any issues.

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    Ok so when I got July Microsoft point I entered all the personal info and managed to get them however I am still unable to get the 30day free trail because at the time I had to decline it and when I try to upgrade it is no longer giving me that option is there anyway I can get that option back now or not?

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    Greetings, BubbleStormBex! You are offered a free 30 day trial for up to three accounts during the setup process while using your console. In order to be prompted for the free 30 days you will need to create another gamertag. Sorry about that! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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    Is there any way you can buy xbox live with only credit card and no billing info?

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    Please don't bump old threads and no. In order to use any payment method you have to have billing information on file.