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$2 for 2 Months of Gold

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Hi I recently signed up for Xbox Live silver and I have noticed the $2 for 2 months of Xbox Live Gold on the dashboard.

I have three questions relating to this:

1. How long is this offer going to last?

2. One of the payment options is "Redeem code". How exactly does this work? How would you get the discounted price of $2 for 2 months by redeeming a prepaid card?

3. After purchasing this, I understand that you will be put into a recurring subscription. If I cancel my Xbox Live Gold subscription right after purchasing this offer, would I still get 2 months of gold and then it won't continue to charge me after the 2 months are up? Or do I need to cancel it after the 2 months are up?


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    1 lasts as long as you see the offer

    buy sales while you see it

    2 no if you read the description it does require a creditcard or paypal purchase

    you get the generic payment option screen it doesn't change only the payment amount


    3 yes

    you can turn off autorenewal anytime


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