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XBOX Live Gold Free Trial without credit card

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So I just bought a brand new XBOX and made an account for the first time, I want to get on XBOX live Gold and start playing online, I apparently get a free 30 day trial of xbox live gold. It asked me if I wanted it, I said yes, but then I have to either enter credit card information, or redeem code, I just want to use the free trial and don't want to pay for it at this time. Any way of using the free trial without entering billing information?

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    You are required to have a valid payment method in case you decide to continue using the service. As long as auto-renew is turned off you will not be charged. After the free month you can remove the information should you decide not to continue with gold. It is indeed a free trial as no funds are actually transferred during that free month.  

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    I think you should add that you will not be charged  'in certain scenarios' to this. Apparently, they can change your setting anytime they deem fit. Read my post labeled 'Auto-Renewal Trap' to avoid Bait and Switch tactics. I'm not a happy camper right now.

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    Greetings, MundoDragon. It seems like you might have had difficulties with an auto-renewal. I'd be happy to look into your situation and help you with a resolution. Have you had a chance to talk to phone support about your issue? Can you send me a PM by clicking the envelope below my post with your SR number? Thanks!

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    It's compulsory to enter your credit card number.

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    Xbox just wana know how much money ya have up your @@@, tired of people making new accounts and then just making a new account every month Trollololololol