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Possible email hoax received

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today I received the following email. is this real or is this a hoax? the mail seems to be sent by

I have never added any adresses to my account.

Anscheinend haben Sie Ihrem Windows Live-Konto (myemiladress) eine alternative E-Mail-Adresse hinzugefügt. Mit dieser E-Mail-Adresse können Sie Ihr Kennwort zurücksetzen, wenn Sie es vergessen haben.
     -  Alternative E-Mail-Adresse: [mod removed: do not post email addresses]

Wenn Sie [mod removed: do not post email addresses] hinzugefügt haben, ist alles in Ordnung. Verwenden Sie diesen Link zum Bestätigen von [mod removed: do not post email addresses]:*Cp4viqF3uPienw1Xk03HBCtfmGKjvH2Ried4Ucs74Y5YtyD4owaSwRBbSBOodLK1dum595IGP8pGSgw*RbKLfpE$&proofid=[mod removed: do not post email addresses]&prooftype=Email&mn=

Wenn Sie[mod removed: do not post email addresses] nicht hinzugefügt haben, brechen Sie die Anforderung mithilfe dieses Links ab:*Cp4viqF3uPienw1Xk03HBCtfmGKjvH2Ried4Ucs74Y5YtyD4owaSwRBbSBOodLK1dum595IGP8pGSgw*RbKLfpE$&proofid=[mod removed: do not post email addresses]&prooftype=Email&mn=

Vielen Dank,
Ihr Windows Live-Team

I have not clicked on any link, yet.

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    seemed like this email was real, the new adress was also listed in my windows-live account.

    i've deleted this email directly via internet-explorer from my account and changed my password.

    is there somethin else i could do?

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    Greetings, BigM83! Thank you for bringing your question to the forums. If you did not change your email address as the message seems to suggest and you doubt the validity of the email, your best bet is to delete it. Here's a guide for how to identify fraudulent emails: Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Hi. About two hours ago I received eleven e-mails from, saying


    Please use the code *some-code*  to use your Windows Live ID from an unrecognized computer."

    Since I hadn't requested a single use code, I thought it may be a scam, but then I stumbled upon this topic. Then I figured someone was trying to get access to my account so I reset my password and changed my security question just to be safe. That doesn't help if someone is trying to get through with a single use code though. Aside from changing my e-mail password as well (so that whoever's doing this won't be able to get hold of the code sent to me even if he's got my current mail's pass) is there anything else I could do to try and prevent unauthorized access?

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    Sev, all you can do is just keep your password to yourself. If you think someone might know it, change it. Make sure your computer's antivirus program is up to date and yet again, if you think someone got your password, run a virus check to eliminate all possible threats such as key loggers. But seriously, don't trust anyone with your password, not even your closest friends. For as long as you don't fall for phishing attempts or leak the password otherwise, you should be as safe as one can possibly be.

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    I've just receive 11 mail like you guys. And my email adress IS NOT link with my MSN adress. So it's probably fishing or something else.

    Be aware.

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    Hey guys! Sometimes it may look like it's coming from this email address, but if you hover over it or expand to show the exact email, it may be different. Can you guys check that out and see if it has a different email it's being sent from?

    If it legitimately comes from an address, then it may be valid. Can you you post a screenshot of the email for me, making sure to remove any personal information first? Thanks!

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    @Sipuli91 I've never given my pass to anyone. As far as my computer's security goes, after some of my friends got their Diablo III accounts hacked, I did some serious virus and spybot scanning. Thanks for the tips though.

    I'm also very careful about phishing e-mails, cos I've suffered the consequences of blindly trusting anything outside of my spam folder. That's why after a bit of digging I think it's safe to assume that the mails were legit and I got them because someone was trying to find their way into my account via single use codes. Here's a screenshot, Mister Gwyther emailsfromms.png and here's one of some code from Chrome's Inspect Element feature emailsfrommsinspectelem.png

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    Greetings, sev. Looks like you're using Gmail. Can you click the drop down on the right hand side next to the reply button, select "Show Original" and take a look at the headers? This should show you definitively where the email originated from.

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    Checked the headers and the mails definitely came from, so it wasn't a scam. Thanks for the help!