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Payment Errors

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Hello, I have recently been trying to update my payment option to Paypal. I have entered the Paypal email and password, which were accepted, but when I try to change to that payment option it gives me :Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE. Status code: 8016761B" on the console and "This payment option could not be applied to your membership at this time." when I try to Apply it to my membership. I would appreciate all help I can get.

Thank You.

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    Hi player,

    First off are you actually trying to buy something or are you just trying to change your payment methoid ? If you are only trying to change your payment option try turning your router off wait two minute's turn it back on and try it again. If it still doesn't work you will have to phone Xbox customer service through the phone and do it that way.

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    You might also try going to and setting up your payment options there.


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    Greetings, Player121897. To get you started, can you please log on to and make sure everything is configured properly with PayPal according to this sticky: ? Give it a shot and let me know if you see any changes. Thank you in advance! Standing by.

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    I believe I saw this error message somewhere else on the forums.  

    You cannot use the PayPal account as a method of payment unless there is a verified credit card attached to it.  In other words, if you're trying to pay with money on your PayPal account, or with a debit card, Microsoft will not accept it.  If you attach a credit card to your PayPal account, it should work - just remember that the credit card will be charged, not the PayPal account.