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Gamertag Known, but no email or password associated with it

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Aol shut down my email because i only used it for this gamertag. I have no access to my account because it requires me to sign on using an email and password with the account. How do i get an email and password reset to go with my gamertag? i have no access to the gamertag on the xbox.

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  • Greetings, Sorry to hear that you are having problem's with your gamertag. Do you know your password and information that was set up to use this email address ? If so, you can phone support and ask them to change your email address providing you pass the secruity checks they ask. You could also make a new email address and set up a brand new Xbox live account if you don't wish to go through support. Standing by for your response.

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    Greetings, Yielding! If I understand correctly the email address associated with your gamertag was closed. Now you want to change the email address associated with your gamertag to something else. Is that correct?

    If for any reason you cannot sign in to your account you will need to get in touch with phone support for your region as Dignitas Curtis recommends. They will be able to work with you to reassign your gamertag to a different WLID.

    Hope this helps! :)

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    Sign into your profile whilst offline and follow the steps found here:

    Under: Switch your gamertag to a different Windows LIVE ID

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    even though the orginal email is already closed, you should still be able to sign in to the account using the same email, since the Xbox server would register that email as a Windows Live email. You should still be good to go with your account

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    Dignitas Curtis, Xbox customer support cannot change the windows live ID associated with your gamertag. Anything regarding that windows live ID as far as gaining access back into it with a forgotten password (which I assume this is what happened in this case with the OP) would need to be handled by windows live support on their website.

    YeildingJet, I would follow the string on where it says underneath sign in "can't access my account". This will guide you to resetting the password with the reset option you placed on your windows live account. If none of the reset options are available to you in cluding the customer support verification form, you may need to create a new windows live ID and gamertag. Good luck to you :)


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    If you CAN remember the Email to the account and the GamerTag, go to to reset your password. Thus opening the account granting access to all features.


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    I cant remember my hotmail account. like anything. and i got a new xbox and iI cant connect to xbox live without a windows account and password and iI cant figure it out and want that gamer tag. is their a way you can send it to one of my other emails address so i can usee that account. please help

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