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I've bought yesterday XBOX live, and after filling in my name, birthday,... everything looked okay.

But after starting up Fifa 2011, XBox live asked me to accept some conditions. I accepted these conditions, but now it says i'm to young... What's the problem?

Please help me, Fifa 2011 is not that violent i guess...


Best regards

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  • Once an XBL account is created the age can never be changed. EA has an age restriction on their games, it is 13. If you are younger than that you will not be able to access their online games. Some of their titles require you to be 18 to access the online games.

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    WHAT?! You mean I cant change my age on my xbox? UGH!!! Someone messed up my age thing on my 360 at the start and now I have no idea what the age on it is.

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    Ya same but i am older than thirteen and it still says im too young.

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    Yes you can change your birthday!!!  Go here to change your birthday (

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    You can change you birthday for your WLID but i don't believe that's going to make a difference. :/

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    Yes it will.  You can change everything on your WLID.  Your WLID account is your Xbox account.

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    no it won't that is a fact

    region and the age windows live id are independent of the gamertag account

    you can change it all you want but both cannot be changed after its set

     last i checked fifa is age requirement of 18

    offical article

    btw age of maturity is 18


    I'm all grown up but still have a child account.
    Once you have reached the age of maturity (different in some regions, usually it is 17) you can promote your child account to a regular adult account. The process is really simple and is done on the console. Just follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Settings Hub on the dashboard and select Account.
    2. Navigate to the Your Information panel and select Promote Account.
    3. Select Yes to connect to LIVE.
    4. Review the prompt and select Continue.
    5. Review and accept the Terms of Use.
    6. Check the boxes if you would like to receive info from and its partners.
    7. Your account is now officially all grown up!


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    There is no Promote Account......

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    Hey there Super - if that does not appear, then the age according to initial birthdate set has not yet reached the age of 18.

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    I put my sons birthday incorrectly when I set it up.  People make mistakes so now what do I do to change to the correct date?

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    Always best to create your own thread rather than bump an old one. Unfortunately once you enter a birth date and the account is created you cannot change it. You would need to create a new account. Always best to recheck your info before you hit the submit button.