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I forgot my email address and password for my xbox live profile

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I forgot my email address and password for my xbox live profile 

the profile was recently corrupted now i have lost 3-4 years of hardwork my saves gamer score and everything

i only need the email address

please tell me how i can find it


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    Hi there,


    on this link there you can find some tips in finding your windows live id (Find your Windows Live ID ):


    If you still can't find it you'll need to call Xbox Support, and keep some information about the windows live id and gamertag ready. See the link for the full details

    To call Xbox Support, use this link for the phone number:

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    The same thing has happened to me but its just my email, my Xbox used to sign in automaticle for me so I never had to enter it. I renewed my live not to long ago so I'd really like it back and the reason it's a problem is because my old Xbox broke and I don't know the email for my gamer tag to enter it on the new one. Pls help if there's away

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    Hey there Mouse! If you do not remember your log-in information, please check out for steps on retrieving this info. If you have any questions on those steps just let us know, thanks!

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    i cant go to account because it needs my microsft account to sign in so i cant check the account if it wont let me sign in without the ACCOUNT.

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    Hey there Lotus! This thread is pretty old so go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken to resolve it. That way we can tailor our support to your specific issue. Thanks!

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