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Forgot my xbox live password and answer to my secret question

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Long story short I signed up over four years ago and desperately need to get into my xbox live account but since forgotten the password and the answer to my xbox live account. I've done the password reset at least six times and keep being told I have not provided enough information and I've provided all that I can. Please help!

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    If you cant remember your secret question or password call support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX and see if they can go through some steps to prove you are the account owner.  But its probably a long shot.

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    Hello Spoon,

    1-800-4MY-XBOX is for United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.Not for the whole world.

    Check this link for your country's phone number,if you are not from the above ones.

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    Phone support will ask you the same subset of questions that are on that Windows Live Help reset form. If you can't supply enough information they won't be able to give you access to the e-mail address which will let you reset the password. You have to understand that it's a big security risk and they need to check a lot of information that only the original account holder would know when they setup the account in order to gain access back to it. Otherwise, anyone would be able to phone support and simply supply a little bit of information they found on Google and get access to your account. They definitely don't work that way. So, in short, if you can't answer their questions they can't give you the e-mail or account and there's no way around that. 

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    The windows live id validation form is your best bet

    As you can use the more info box for extra info


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    try calling them and try to do a security breach

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    Hey Soras,

    Please check time stamps on threads before replying as this one is over a year old and most likely resolved.